Have you ever? -- 03/09/10

I picked up this meme from Bev's Funny the World this morning.

Have you ever...

Been pulled over?

Yes, I've been pulled over several times while driving. Probably fifty-fifty between warnings and tickets. Three speeding tickets and one failure to signal -- not too bad for half a century. (The annoying thing is that they were mostly bogus but in each case I pleaded guilty and paid the fine rather than fight it. However, I freely admit to exceeding the posted speed limit frequently; this is also known as keeping up the the general flow of traffic.)

Dyed your hair?

Well, of course, how else would a young fellow like me have gray in his hair. Oh, seriously? Nope, never have.

Pulled an all-nighter?

Many, many, many times.

Baked a cake?

Only once. I baked (from scratch -- and decorated) a birthday cake for Nancy. It took me hours. As a non-baker I measured each ingredient with obsessive scientific accuracy and anguished over every step. It was a great success -- Nancy loved it -- but I much prefer cooking and leaving the baking to Nancy and Gillian.

Fallen down in public?

Yes. In the past two or three years I've managed to dump my bicycle a couple of times. Once, maybe twenty years or so ago, I was running in a park and stopped to talk with Nancy and some friends... and then when I started running again I somehow tripped and went sprawling on the ground. Felt like a fool. Fell in the driveway last winter -- having walked out of the garage failing to notice the driveway was coated in ice, but at least there was nobody watching that one. Clumsy? Who, me? When I was a kid, about twelve or so, I swear there was a year when I constantly had bandages on one knee or the other from falls. Of course childhood was much more physically active back then.

Been caught making out?


Taken a pregnancy test?

Why, is one missing? Nope, sorry, wrong gender.

Broken a bone?

I've cracked the cartilage in my chest and may have cracked a rib. I had a fractured heel a few years ago. However, I have (knock wood) somehow survived until now without having ever broken an arm or a leg or whatever.

Had braces?


Gone skinny dipping?

Oh, yes, countless times, not just as a kid but as an adult as well. (Binghamton University had a lake and campground about an hour's drive from campus that was "clothing optional: by long-standing tradition.)

Built something out of wood?

Sure. I've built lots of stuff out of wood -- bookcases, a desk, a bed, a rabbit hutch, fencing, a swing set, a playhouse/platform. Helped my father build a cabin. When I was a kid we were always building tree houses and such.

Been to Disneyland?

Nope. Must admit I've never had much interest in it.

Eaten a Krispy Kreme donut?

Yes. I was not at all impressed. I think they are about equal to factory-made boxed donuts you find in supermarkets. Certainly not in the same league as Dunkin Donuts (nor Tim Horton donuts).

Screamed during a scary movie?

No, but I have gasped and been startled.

Been to a professional sporting event?

Yes. Several Yankees - Red Sox baseball games when I was a teenager (Dad worked for IBM and the IBM Club would organize a bus trip down to New York every year for employees and their families). A Boston Celtics basketball game. A New York Islanders hockey game. That's it for major league. When we lived in Binghamton we used to go to see the local professional hockey team (originally the Broome Dusters in the NAHL and then later the Binghamton Rangers in the AHL) and the local AA baseball team (Binghamton Mets). (That Newport Gulls game I wrote about last summer was in an amateur league.)

Slept till noon?

Not in years and years. In 1976 I was a third shift computer operator and then spent three years as a second shift computer operator, so obviously I slept that late as a regular thing. I can't think of any time since then (except when sick) that I actually slept until noon.

Been arrested?

Once. Over parking tickets. Well, not actually with Miranda warning, etc. -- but I was requested to accompany an officer to see a judge to discuss some parking tickets. (Hmmm, I thought I might have told that story here but I can't find it so maybe I can get a future journal entry out of it.)

Opened Christmas presents early?

 No... except when it was expected, such as at a Christmas party or a family gathering when presents were exchanged and people would not be together on Christmas itself.

Played Scrabble?

I have, many times, although not recently. (Hmmm, picturing playing scrabble by the fireplace, probably should do that before the weather gets too mild for a fire to be comfortable.)

Some people have had problems with new Echo comments function. I think sometimes (dunno if it's due to Internet traffic in general or to the load on their server in particular at that particular moment) the comments function fails to load... or it takes so long to load that people give up. I keep hoping that they will overcome what ever temporary growing pains they are suffering from taking on so many former Haloscan users. (They are a fairly small company.) I've not found anything in their online FAQ area to explain the problem. Heck, I'm still trying to figure out how to switch the order of comments so that they are in chronological order with oldest first and newest at the bottom... I really dislike the way they have it. The same thing seems to be true of their assumption of the old Haloscan comments. They are supposed to by now have set things so that all of the old Haloscan comments show up, but it seems totally random to me; some old entries have comments and some do not. (If anyone finds a comment utility that works, please let me know. I'd really like to find one where the comments are stored in my domain on Verve Hosting's servers rather than on somebody else's servers.)

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