Jill's cupcakes -- 04/30/10

When the RISD catalog for Spring 2010 came I looked through it and noticed a one night course on cupcake decorating. I pointed it out to Jill and she decided to take it. She not only works in a supermarket bakery (where many customers have raved about the marvelous and creative decorating she has done for them) but she also enjoys baking (real "scratch" baking at home) and decorating her cakes.

The class was held this past Tuesday night. She said it was a lot of fun and, although she already knew how to do most of what was covered, she also picked up some good ideas and learned some better ways of making flowers. Here are the cupcakes she decorated that night in class. (Those of you who know her on Facebook have probably already seen these, but there are lots of you who are not family members.)

And I could not resist trying to get close ups of some of them. I love the details she put into them... such as the little bug on the yellow flower.

One of the things she said she learned was an easier way of making these flower petals and leaves...

And everyone seems to like the Cookie Monster with a piece of cookie in his mouth.

Okay, not too many words in this entry, but I wanted to share these pictures with you....

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