Today -- 05/28/10

So... today began rather early... before dawn, in fact...

Tiger decided that he was hungry and wanted breakfast early...

He was not without food... there was dry cat food in a dish in the kitchen and water in his kitchen water dish... but he wanted his breakfast -- which is usually when he gets his dish of wet cat food... so he came upstairs looking for me. After all, I am by long tradition his usual morning food service person, but for the past ten days -- ever since I had my surgery -- I have not been doing my job.

A few minutes before five a.m. -- scratch -- scratch -- scratch -- scratching on our bedroom door. I get up, grab a crutch, and limp to the door and let him in. He tells me -- in no uncertain terms -- that he thinks it is breakfast time and he expects me to get downstairs and take proper care of him and his food needs.

So I get dressed (after all, I am fully awake by now) and put on my moonboot and grab my crutches and head downstairs. Of course Tiger does not realize that this means I will be able to make sure that he takes his morning pill. (Apparently he is able to foil others but I have gotten to be wise to his various tricks.) Get his wet food in a dish but instead of putting it on the floor, I scoop him up, hold him in my lap, put his pill in his mouth, wait to be sure he isn't ready to spit it out, then put him on the floor and immediately put his food dish in front of him and he starts gobbling his food so eagerly that even if it had still been in his mouth, it would be carried down by the torrent of food he is gulping down.

I fixed myself a cup of coffee, grabbed my camera, and stepped out onto the porch. I used to snap a lot of "dawn" type pictures but haven't taken one in ages... So... here we have the view from our front porch at about four minutes before official sunrise.

And, about ten or fifteen minutes later, Tiger climbs up onto his favorite window watching spot in my office.

I got an early start at work until it was time to wake Nancy... I brought her a cup of coffee (I'm not up to being able to carry anything more than a cup of coffee upstairs yet) and she came down and we had breakfast in the kitchen before she had to go off to work... by which time I had already been settled into my office doing my work.

Nothing much to say about my day... doing stuff and more stuff and eventually I'm finished for the day... (Ah, but you certainly can't beat my short and easy commute.)

I sometimes post pictures of some food I've cooked so I thought that I should show a picture of tonight's dinner. There's a family joke about how when I go out of town Nancy makes a chicken pot pie and that takes care of two or three meals and then it's take-out pizza... but actually she has been preparing meals everynight since my surgery. She is looking forward to me being able to prepare meals (soon!) but this is to show that she does put together nice meals. This was a Friday night and she has been working all week and when she got home today she put in some time doing yardwork and then fixed dinner. The chicken parm at the front of the dinner plate was actually some that I had made and frozen a month or two ago, but she prepared the meal, made the salad, etc. and put together a tasty and attractive and balanced dinner. The other night, for example, she had marinated some boneless chicken breasts and borrowed Jeremy's new grill to cook them. Last night she made us two big spinach salads topped with pieces of leftover chicken. However, she is looking forward to me being able to stand long enough to take over cooking duties.

Tonight I got to see the last episode of season two of Trueblood. Just in time! Just a week and two days until season three starts.

And that was life at our house for May 28, 2010...

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