Father's Day -- 06/20/10

I have been very slothful today... spending much of the day sitting out on our back deck reading. I mentioned this to Jeremy and he told me that since it was Father's Day I should be able to spend the day relaxing. Hmmm, good thought. My slothful ways are allowed today under the blessings of the official institute of greeting card holidays.

This did get me to thinking about my father...

I miss him. He was 85 when he died and would be 103 years old if he were still with us now and I wish he still could have seen what wonderful and interesting adults his grandchildren have grown up to be. He never got to meet Adam's wife Leah nor to attend their wedding nor to meet his great-grandsons. He would have been delighted by them. There was a piece in the newspaper a week or so ago about the official doorman of the state assembly finally deciding to retire -- at age 102 -- and commenting to the reporter that he had never been retired before and that if he didn't like it he'd probably need to find another job. And I think three cheers and more power to him and hope that I can still be around and spry and healthy as a centenarian... and wish both my parents could still be around.

My father was only twelve when he lost his father. (As I've mentioned before, his father was a policeman who was slain in the line of duty.) Dad didn't have an easy life growing up... and then, as he became a hard-working adult, the economy crashed and the nation was plunged into the Depression... and then World War II... and the horrors of landing on Utah Beach on D-Day

A couple of months ago -- on my sixty-seventh birthday I posted pictures of my father when he was sixty-seven.

Here's a picture of him when he was probably in his early thirties (no date on the picture but from the location, etc., it was taken before the war, probably in the late nineteen thirties).

Once Jeremy became a teenager I always said that looking at him made me know what my father must have looked like as a teenager; however, looking at this photo, I can also see my nephew Chad.

Jill's Road Trip Report: she has gone to see giant redwoods and has gone to the shore. (And she corrected me: when it's time to go down to Los Angeles she is going to fly, not drive.).

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