The 4th at our house -- 07/05/10

I suppose I really should call this 4th of July evening at our house.

This is a picture of the front of our house about six o'clock on the 4th of July. We have bright morning sunshine in the front but it is all shade by late afternoon.

This entry is mostly pictures.

Above, Nancy using Jeremy's grill to cook turkey burgers and a big slab of salmon fillet. Below, Eli and Jill on the back deck while Nancy is cooking.
After dinner, the table is cleared... Nancy and Jill go for a walk around the neighborhood... Eli and I sit on the back deck as sunset slowly turns into night.
And once it was dark, Eli brought out the fireworks he had purchased...

The annual town fireworks (a really good show) were being put on as usual at Old Mountain Field park in Wakefield but Jill and Eli opted to stay with Nancy and me. (Despite having slept for several hours, Jill was still feeling the effects of jet lag plus a night without sleep because of flying the red eye from California... and they knew that I could not handle the extensive walking that would be required to get to the park from any possible parking space.)

So Eli and Jill put on a private display right in our back yard. It was a lot of fun.

Afterwards we used HBO on-demand to watch episode two of True Blood season three because Jill had missed episodes two and three while on her California adventures.

And that was 4th of July evening at our house.

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