Airports I have used -- 07/11/10

I'm tempted to call this "Not Bev's travel meme" because -- although upon reading her entry for today (called "Travel Meme") I thought "Ah ha! That is what I shall write about today" -- but when I actually began to think about the various questions she posed and answered, I realized that I really couldn't provide quick and simple answers to most of them. That's the problem I always seem to have with questions that want me to select a single "best" or "worst" or "favorite" something.

For example, her meme asked about "Best airport" and "Worst airport." Well, for worst, both Newark and LaGuardia, but not all of my annoyance at those airports is the fault of the airport. Newark has annoyed me almost everytime I've been through it, but a good amount of my antipathy was when I was supposed to fly from Providence to Cleveland, got to the airport and found my flight was cancelled and I was rescheduled to go by way of Newark, with a long layover at Newark, having to eat "dinner" in a generic fast-food foodcourt at Newark, and finally arriving in Cleveland after 11 pm (more than four hours later than originally planned). As for LaGuardia -- this was mostly due to corporate penny-pinching because a direct flight would have cost fifty dollars more than one that involved changing planes at LaGuardia, so I ended up sitting in one of those commuter jets on the runway at LaGuardia for hours, waiting out an east coast air traffic snarl caused by some thunderstorms, until they went back to the gate and cancelled the flight, and then after standing in line forever, ended up spending the night in a motel in Queens, and arriving in Raleigh-Durham shortly after lunch to teach a course that had started at nine a.m. (Fortunately, a colleague who had been going to assist me was available to cover the morning session, else the company would have provided some paying customers far more than fifty dollars worth of annoyance.) I'm not particularly fond of Atlanta or Chicago O'Hare either, but that is mostly because they are so big and so busy and can be major bottlenecks. And what can be more annoying than the noise from all of those those damned slot machines at the airport in Las Vegas?

So I thought I would just try to list the various airports I have used.

  • ATL -- Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport -- Atlanta, Georgia
  • BGM -- Greater Binghamton Airport (formerly Broome County Airport) --Binghamton, NY which used to be my "home" airport
  • BOS -- Logan International Airport -- Boston, Massachusetts
  • CLE -- Cleveland Hopkins International Airport -- Cleveland, Ohio
  • CMH -- Columbus Regional Airport -- Columbus, Ohio
  • CVG -- Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport -- Cincinnati, Ohio
  • DCA -- Reagon National Airport -- Arlington, Virginia (Washington, DC)
  • DFW -- Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport -- Dallas, Texas
  • DTW -- Detroit Metro Airport -- Detroit, Michigan
  • EWR -- Newark Liberty International Airport -- Newark, New Jersey
  • HNL -- Honolulu Airport -- Honolulu, Hawaii
  • IAD -- Dulles International Airport -- Chantilly, Virginia (Washington, DC)
  • JFK -- Kennedy International Airport -- New York
  • LAX -- Los Angeles International Airport -- Los Angeles, California
  • LAS -- McCaren International Airport -- Las Vegas, Nevada
  • LGA -- LaGuardia Airport -- New York
  • MDW -- Midway International Airport -- Chicago, Illinois
  • MIA -- Miami International Airport -- Miami, Florida
  • MSP -- Minneapolis/St.Paul International Airport -- Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • ORD -- O'Hare International Airport -- Chicago, Illinois
  • PIT -- Pittsburgh International Airport -- Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • PVD -- T.F.Greene Airport -- which is called "Providence airport" but is actually in the city of Warwick, Rhode Island-- this is my "home" airport
  • RDU -- Raleigh-Durham International Airport -- Morrisville, North Carolina
  • RST -- Rochester International Airport -- Rochester, Minnesota
  • SFO -- San Francisco International Airport -- San Francisco, California
  • SJC -- Mineta San Jose International Airport -- San Jose, California
  • SLC -- Salt Lake City International Airport -- Salt Lake City, Utah
  • STL -- Saint Louis International Airport -- Saint Louis, Missouri
I think that's a complete list although I admit that I may have missed one or two where I quickly changed planes on the way to someplace else and have forgotten being there. In addition to these airports, I have also flown from Tri Cities Airport, Endicott, NY (in a single engine private plane) -- and (also in single engine private plane) from what I think was Freehold Airport, Freehold, NY (in the northern Catskills) although that looks like a paved runway via Google Maps but back in 1961 it was a grass landing strip.

  • CDG -- Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport -- Paris, France
  • LLR -- Heathrow Airport -- London, England
  • MEX -- Aeropuerto Internacional de la Ciudad de México -- Mexico City, Mexico
  • NCE -- Nice Côte d'Azur Airport -- Nice, France
  • OSL -- Oslo Lufthavn -- Oslo, Norway
  • SYD -- Sydney Airport -- Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
  • VIE -- Vienna International Airport -- Vienna, Austria
  • YYZ -- Pearson International Airport -- Toronto, Canada

So... a total of three dozen airports (not counting non-commercial single engine fllights).

I saw my surgeon for a post-op checkup on Friday (one week after hernia repair surgery) and he pronounced himself pleased with my healing and recovery. He told me that I could begin to resume normal activities (within reasonable bounds -- i.e., if it hurts, stop doing it) as long as I build up gradually and do not attempt to lift or carry anything that weighs more than fifteen or twenty pounds. That includes walking and (in another couple of weeks) some easy jogging. I went grocery shopping yesterday and, as I got back into my car, I realized that my trip through the supermarket had used up my desire for exercise for the day. However, today I may go for a short walk around the neighborhood.

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