Watching the Crabman -- 07/25/10

The Crabman Triathlon was held this morning. Last fall I had thought I would be entering a couple of triathlons this summer and this would have been one of them. I am speaking of what they call Sprint distance triathlons -- which are generally defined as having a 750 meter swim, a 20 kilometer bike ride, and a 5 kilometer run. (The Olympic distance is double that of a Sprint triathlon: 1.5K swim, 40K bike ride, 10K run.) I had even taken a few swim classes at the URI pool (and had paid for a year's worth of access to the university swimming pools).

Then, of course, I had my Achilles tendon problems and spent a few weeks in December and January wearing a moonboot and not doing much of anything in terms of exercising. When spring came I thought I could get back into running and swimming. The spring floods blocked swimming because the pump room for the university's pools was flooded and the pools had to be closed for several weeks. And then I had my heel surgery. And then I had my hernia surgery...


And now I am slowly working my way back... and hoping to be able to sort of jog through a 5K run in September (the CVS 5K in Providence) but in the meanwhile, I am concentrating on walking at the moment. I did some one mile walks around the neighborhood and then I did some two mile walks (and a mile and a half on Friday with Nancy). This morning I got in about two and a half miles of walking. (It was about a mile from where I parked at Matunuck Elementary School to where the Crabman was being held at South Kingstown Town Beach). I was especially interested in seeing how people handled the transitions -- that is, how they went from swim-to-bike and then from bike-to-run. I was too late to catch the swim-to-bike transitions (the first wave of swimmers had started at 6:45 am) but I was able to watch the bike-to- run transition.

This isn't a very good picture -- it was taken about 7:30 this morning and I was facing into the sun -- but you can see one triathlete walking his bike into the transition area (walking bikes in this area is mandatory) and the bikes in the bike racks and some people changing from bike shoes to running shoes.

I can't show you our entry for the 48 Hour Film Project -- apparently the rules prohibit posting them to YouTube or any equivalent until after the official "best of Providence" screening on August 21st. However, I can point you toward a "Making of" video I put together this afternoon. Just as with the slide show of still photos I pointed to yesterday, this probably would be most interesting to the people on our team -- but, on the other hand, it is only two and a half minutes long: The Making of "While My Guitar Gently Creeps."

One of Jill's friends has an Etsy site where she is selling cute little knitted kittens: http://www.etsy.com/shop/fiercemouselord. (They really are cute.)

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