Our house -- 10/18/10

So... I had been thinking about how fifteen years have gone by since we moved to Rhode Island.

I had to start work on Monday, October 16th.... Jeremy and I had come over here, staying with Nancy's mother, while Jill and Nancy stayed on in Binghamton -- Jill to finish cross-country season and Nancy trying to sell our house there while I was trying to find a house for us over here. I began to type, telling that tale, when I realized that I was repeating myself because I had already told this tale seven years ago in an entry for October 24, 2003.

I still like the way the house looks... in fact, I like it even better with the new front siding (and the new color) we had put on last year... and the new windows... and the brick walkway. You know, I don't know why the economy is so deep in the doldrums; we've been putting so much money into this house that it would seem that we must have stimulated the economy by now. Oh, and don't say that was last year. We've been doing our part this year too. Back in the spring we had the roof replaced... [Below, April's roofing job.]

And now we are having more work done... Some of it is trim work. That is, we are having trim on the back of the house replaced to match the trim we had put on the front last year. The biggest part of the job, however, is rebuilding our front porch. The framing will stay, but we are having the decking replaced with new high tech material that will not rot. The railings are also being replaced and the support posts will be clad with the same kind of long-lasting non-rotting material as makes up the front siding we had put on last year. [Below: the old decking being removed from the porch as part of our current project.]

Last year we had all of the windows replaced -- except for the two small windows in the basement. So I am also going to have new windows put in there. Also, the basement has a bulkhead type exterior exit but those stairs come right into the basement; there is no actual insulated door, just the metal bulkhead doors at the top of the stairs. So I am also having that entry way into the basement framed and having a door added. That should really cut down on drafts in the basement, keeping the basement more comfortable and also saving heat. (Oh yeah, we also had a new boiler and hot water heater installed a few weeks ago. See, I told you we were single-handedly attempting to jumpstart the economy.)

Ah, but once Rob and Will (our contractors) finish the porch and the basement work, we are finished for a while... Oh, except for the guy who is going to replace our rain gutters in a few days.

And the garage doors... we still need to replace our garage doors.

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