Saturday with Sam & Milo -- 11/18/10

Okay, so I'm a few days late with this, talking about Saturday on Thursday...

Nancy and I went down to New York City on Saturday to visit with Adam and Leah and our marvelous grandsons.

In the picture below you see Adam and Nancy and the boys as we set off to enjoy a mild and sunny afternoon. (Yes, Sam loves riding on his scooter.)

They tend to cover miles on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, exploring the East Village and Soho and Chinatown and the Lower East Side, and we know that a visit will bring lots of walking. Of course, Nancy and I love walking and exploring Manhattan with them. (And the subway system or a transit bus make all five boroughs available.)

We stopped for a late lunch in a Mexican restaurant (Benny's Burritos on Avenue A in the East Village). Nancy and Milo were having a great time together. Lots of laughter and love.

I am always amazed by the unexpected things you can find in New York. After lunch we were walking down East 6th Street (in the block between Avenue A and Avenue B) when we stumbled upon The Creative Little Garden -- a narrow space between two buildings that was filled with trees and other plantings, all with neat little signs with information about each tree or plant), a walkway, and some chairs and benches. It's not a city park; it belongs to a private organization that is dedicated to maintaining this quiet little oasis for everyone to enjoy.

Let me see if I can insert a Google street view here.

View Larger Map

We followed a somewhat circuitous route back and then spent much of the rest of the remaining daylight with the boys in the playground in their apartment complex... and then it was time to catch our train.

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