Thanksgiving 2010 -- 11/27/10

Above -- a photo montage of various family members and friends joined together for our annual Thanksgiving dinner. And below -- a view looking down from the balcony (of the church parish hall we rent in order to have enough room for us all).

Circumstances led to a smaller than usual gathering -- only three dozen of us this year. Not everyone can make the trip every year (attendance could hit the mid-fifties if everyone were to be able to make the trip some year).

But we rejoiced in being together and had a leisurely meal followed by post-prandial perambulations followed by ample amounts of cakes and pies and cookies.

The photo on the left below of Jeremy and me was taken at Thanksgiving time ten year and the photo on the right was taken this year.

2000 2010
And the photo below was taken on Main Street in front of where we were. Most years I snap a picture or two of the street scene. Sometimes it is rainy, once it was snowing; this year the weather was pleasant, although rain moved in later at night. The blueness of the sky here is because this was taken with flash turned off, thus a longer exposure time. I first took one with flash on -- not only was the sky dark, but the shops across the street were hidden in darkness. I decided that I liked this version better: Main Street in a closed and quiet small New England town just past sunset on Thanksgiving.

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