Polar Plunge -- 02/19/11

No, not me this time. Jeremy was the one running into the ocean today.

Project Sweet Peas is a national organization to help families with children in hospital intensive care units. The original organization (as well as the local chapter) was formed by friends of Jeremy's.

It was cold today. Oh, yes, I have gone in the water at Narragansett Town Beach on New Year's Day as part of the Pier Plunge when it has been colder than this, but there was a fierce wind today. The air temperature was just below freezing, around 30 or 31 degrees, but the wind was 10 to 15 miles per hour, with gusts of up to 35 miles an hour. Yes, indeed, it was cold!

Jeremy had two friends join him in the plunge. That's Kevin (behind Nancy), Jeremy, and Ozzie.

That's Jeremy and Ozzie -- then a woman who I believe is a photographer for one of the local newspapers (yes, she was standing in the water, but she is wearing waders or some kind of waterproof boot) -- then Kevin (leaping in to the air) -- and then a couple of the other brave souls. There were probably twenty or twenty-five people (all of whom had raised money for the "privilege") who dashed into the water, which is not bad for a first time event like this. (The Pier Plunge gets two to three hundred, but that event has been held for years and it is on New Year's Day, a traditional day for jumping into cold water.)

And here (above) is Jeremy dashing back to the beach... and he and Kevin on their way to where they had left their clothing. (Jeremy remembered my advice from the Pier Plunge, grabbed his clothes and headed straight to his car where he could be out of the wind and could start the car and turn on the heat.)

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