At the book sale -- 04/30/11

Despite what I had said at the end of yesterday's entry, I didn't get in that short run I had wanted. After using FTP to toss yesterday's stuff up to the Verve Hosting server, I wandered out front where Nancy was doing yard work and I got involved in helping her with weeding and raking and mowing, etc.

And after an hour and a quarter of that, when we were putting tools away and I was trying to stretch before running, my back was telling me quite plainly that after all of the lugging of boxes of books, etc. in setting up for the library book sale plus the yard work, it did not care for the idea of running... so Nancy and I went for a nice brisk walk together. We followed a route that brought us back home in about a mile and a half. That was all Nancy wanted, but I continued down the street and back to bring it to a bit over two miles.

The Mews Tavern must be a gold mine. I can't remember the last time I was able to go there and be seated right away. We got there at eight o'clock (admittedly it was a Friday night, but they have a backlog of people waiting for tables every night of the week) and it was just a few minutes to nine by the time we actually were seated at a table. However, their food -- and their awesome selection of good beer -- always makes up for the wait. (I had a Dales Old Chub Scotch Ale and a Lake Placid Ubu Ale -- both were delicious.)

By the time we finished our meal and got back home it was 10:30 -- time for birthday cake and the opening of gifts and cards and then off to sleep.

I didn't get up this morning until 6 a.m. (well, that's a little bet later than on a weekday). Off to the library for our book sale -- started at 9 (when the library opens) and ran until 2 in the afternoon (well, a few minutes later because we had some last minute customers). Then an hour or so of packing up boxes of books (to be picked up by the Salvation Army) and setting aside books that are going to be put on sale in the book nook (a small alcove in the library where the Friends of the Library has a supply of books for sale on a daily basis in between our regular spring and autumn book sales events), etc. -- and in general putting everything back the way it was before the sale.

The number one genre in paperbacks is romance novels. Probably half of the paperback books that have been donated to us are romance novels. Most of the rest are from one of the thriller genres (espionage, crime, and so on). Usually there are also a number of science fiction and fantasy novels, but this time there were almost none. Oh, there were a few -- a handfull of Dune novels and a few Star Trek novels among the paperbacks and one copy of John Scalzi's Android Dreams in the hardcover books. (I don't count Nora Robert's J.D.Robb novels as science fiction.) I wonder why where they were so scarce this time.

And now I am tired after five hours of standing followed by an hour of packing boxes and moving them around. I need to go downstairs and ride my exercise bike for a while (too tired to go for a run) but first I think I'd like to kick off my shoes and relax with a book for a little while.

Nancy went shopping while I was at the library so I don't have to dash out. She picked up some fish, so now I know what I'm fixing for dinner. And we have one episode of season 4 of Mad Men to watch... and that sounds like a nice quiet and comfortable evening at home: a pleasant meal, a little bit of television, and then some quiet reading.

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