Anyone for venison? -- 06/27/11

Yeah, I'm playing with words again.

Jim, you put down those words right now before you break them!

Well, I'm playing with that old cliche of the upper class twit wearing tennis white prancing into the drawing room, twirling his racquet in hand, asking "Anyone for tennis."

This is (according to Wikipedia) believed to have come from George Bernard Shaw's play Misalliance, where one of the characters asks if anyone wishes to play tennis. This has become a sufficiently recognizable cliche in pop culture as to have been used every where from cartoons (Bugs Bunny & Daffy Duck in Rabbit Fire) to Monthy Python skits to a movie (a comedy called Tennis Anyone...? -- which I have not seen).

And back in the late seventies there was the PBS television program Anyone for Tennyson? Nancy and I used to love watching that show (although we were watching it in reruns around 1980, 1981). It had a group of actors who would recite poetry. It sounds as if it could be a very low budget show, but they sometimes taped the show on location, such as going to Stratford-on-Avon to do Shakespeare and to Gettysburg for Walt Whitman's Civil War poetry. If they would rerun it now, I'd watch it again. (I've just checked; Netflix doesn't have it and I can't seem to find it available on DVD.)

So... how do I then get to "Anyone for venison?" Just take a look...

Don't see it? Well, let's just zoom in a bit and add some bright arrows pointing... This is one of Nancy's daylily plants and the arrows show where flower buds were bitten off by a member (or members) of our neighborhood deer herd. (And the same thing happened to all of her other daylilies.) We've now ordered some Enviro Protection 1006 Deer Scram in hopes that will keep them away. (A couple of weeks ago they nibbled one of my new fruit trees but it appears the damage was not serious.)

Thus, I just want to warn the herd to avoid eating my fruits and vegetables and Nancy's flowers because, you know, venison is tasty. (Okay, Bambi and Bambi's Mother and Great Prince of the Forest, you've been warned.)

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