nine eleven -- 09/11/11

A few days after September 11, 2001... I dropped off one of those disposable cameras to have the film developed and the pictures printed.

I used to buy them when there would be a good sale so that there would always be one or two around if any of us wanted to take pictures. (I had a good 35 mm camera but I liked being able to stuff one of these cheap disposables into a pocket... and not having to worry about damage, etc.) This particular disposable camera had been around for three or four months. Jeremy had gone on a high school trip to New York City in June and had grabbed this particular camera to snap some pictures on the trip. Among the sites they visited was Ellis Island. I had used it to take a few snapshots around town and also brought it with me on a business trip to Pittsburgh in August.

And then the camera got tossed onto my desk and it lay around until I noticed it and (having absolutely no idea what pictures might be on it) dropped it off at the photo department in the CVS in town.

This is a shot Jeremy had taken in June of 2001 from the Ellis Island ferry and that was one of the prints that I picked up on September 19, 2001...

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