Fifteen years online -- 09/26/11

Yeah, this seems unreal -- fifteen years have gone by since I started babbling away online...

I looked back at previous entries, curious to see how I treated this date in the past. (Yeah, I know, I wrote the entries, but c'mon, I can't recall everything I've written. Hey, I'm lucky if I know where I put my car keys...)

  • 09/26/1996 -- A Lunar Eclipse -- entry number one
  • 1997, 1998, 1999 -- no entries for Sept. 26th
  • 09/26/2000 -- Visiting Norway, part one (09/23 -- 09/26) -- The fact that eleven years have gone by since I was in Oslo seems even more astounding than that fifteen years have gone by since I started this. Just the other day I was wearing a t-shirt I had picked up at the gift shop at the NasjonalGalleriet (the National Gallery -- a very nice art museum -- I had a marvelous time looking around in there).
  • 09/26/2001 -- Five Years -- In which I looked back at my first five years of posting stuff...
  • 09/26/2002 -- Six Years -- My, what a clever title. Well, in that entry I talked a little bit about changes six years had made and also had links to a few people who had also been online when I had started -- but now those links are just about all broken (except for the Diary History Project).
  • 09/26/2003 -- Seven Years -- Hmmm, I'm beginning to see a pattern here... (This entry included links to my first 10 entries.)
  • 09/26/2004 -- Mrs. Hanan's Village Ball -- About a fund-raising ball at the Narragansett Towers recalling the elegant balls she held in the 1890s and the early 20th century.
  • 09/26/2005 -- 9th anniversary edition -- So I noted the anniversary, but the entry was mostly about the Victorian Autumn Faire held at the South County Museum.
  • 09/26/2006 -- Ten years! -- Another look back at the changes a decade had made...
  • 09/26/2007 -- Eleven years -- Yeah, guess what I wrote about... but I also had a photo of the Harvest Moon we had that night (to contrast with the lunar eclipse that marked my first entry)
  • 2008 and 2009 -- two more years when I had no September 26th entry
  • 09/26/2010 -- Fourteen years -- Indeed, another clever title for my entry -- I think that after I post today's entry to the web, I should wait another five years before I post a September 26th entry that babbles on and on about how long I've been babbling on and on... Yeah, when I hit twenty years online, then I can shout hurrah and write a twentieth anniversary entry. Look for it on September 26, 2016.

Oh, and I have written somewhere slightly over eleven hundred fifty of these little postings. Well, this is at least number 1151 (assuming I've counted reasonably correctly) and I think there are (at most) a handful that have been lost. Actually, back in '98 or so I had another site in addition to this one. That one got lost -- I stopped updating it and after some number of months apparently Geocities deleted me for lack of activity. The only problem is, I lost things that had been posted there -- such as photographs of hanging out with friends in England -- other digital copies were on a computer that died -- although, I suppose in theory, there must still be hard copy photographs somewhere around this house -- so theoretically the photographs might someday be found, but the words are gone. (which is one of the reasons I now use Carbonite as a backup for all of the text and graphics files on this computer). But, anyway, I wasn't counting anything entered on that parallel site.

Just continuing to mention that my brother and his son and his daughter are in training for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation fund-raising ride across Death Valley -- So here are their donation pages. They are attempting to gather a minimum of four thousand dollars in donations each (for a total of at least $12K). I'll probably stick a reminder down here sometime next week as well....

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