Meet a poet -- 10/26/11

Jill has introduced me to a local poet, a friend she met while working in a supermarket bakery.

Hey, William Carlos Williams was a pediatrician. Come to think of it, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr., was also a physician (and a college professor and medical school dean). Walt Whitman was a government clerk, a journalist, a teacher, and a nurse. Maya Angelou is a playwright, singer, director, and writer. Stephen Crane was a war correspondent. Archibald MacLeish was a lawyer and a librarian (actually, he was Librarian of Congress). Edna St. Vincent Millay was a playwright. Lawrence Ferlinghetti is a painter and a bookseller (co-founder of City Lights Booksellers in San Francisco). Wallace Stevens was an insurance company executive

Oh, and that Bill Shakespeare guy was an actor.

So... meet Robert Pekrul... a baker... and a poet.


Through the supple shades of aether, the gains
of memories and past accumulate together on the porch of
my soul. See! See it there? It is my dream, my caricature of harmony!
Smiling there with mercurial posture. A laugh charming to the
touch. Eyes glistening like the waxen waves of the sea.

My existence within this party of Eden, comprised splendidly of you and you and
you, is melodic. Vibrating in and out of perfection. How joyous! Lo! there
is no other way that a man can live. No other way a man can
love! Through the dreams of reality the slippery vapor of
eternity is calling us.

                    Robert Pekrul

The warmer than usual temperatures have been falling and we've got a few chilly days heading our way. Not exactly winter weather -- but I think I can begin to put my shorts away until spring. The low temperature Thursday and Friday and Saturday according to yesterday's weather forecast was predicted to be 36°F (about 2°C) -- but this morning's forecast for those same three days says the lows will be 34 on Thursday, 32 on Friday, and 36 on Saturday. I don't know if frost will touch the particular micro-climate of my garden. My late fall crop of lettuce is really running late... not quite ready for the table yet. I don't think a single dip to 32 would kill the crop, but I'm not sure it will grow much before we do get a killing frost.

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