Closing out October -- 10/31/11

We've just "enjoyed" two or three days of winter weather.

Thus, Saturday night found us with a nice fire going in our fireplace insert and we spent a pleasant evening reading by the fire.

But it was also a sad time because we didn't have our Tiger stretched out on the floor enjoying the heat from the fire. Our little furry friend had been in our lives for more than 18 years....

Much of the northeast had a major snow storm Saturday night/Sunday morning, but here along the Rhode Island coast we mostly had rain, just a small amount of snow.

According to this morning's news reports, there were still many thousands of people in Connecticut and Massachusetts without power (and a few hundred in northern Rhode Island). We had the light coating you see on our back deck (above) and our front yard (below) but further inland -- through northern Connecticut and the Worcester area in Massachusetts and on up into southern New Hampshire they had a foot or more of snow (two feet some places). When most of the trees still have lots of leaves on their branches, they can accumulate a huge amount of wet, heavy snow... and then the branches break... and so do the electric power lines the branches hit on the way down.

I'm especially glad that I didn't have to shovel a foot of snow... I've got four stitches in the middle finger of my left hand and I do not think my hand would enjoy shovelling snow..

On Friday I was spending my lunch time helping to set up for a book sale (fund-raiser for our local library). I was trying to move an old metal book cart that was loaded with books when one of the shelves came loose and hit my hand. Ouch. Tried bandaging it but I kept bleeding through and finally I gave up and drove over to the local hospital ER. Unfortunately, they were fairly busy for a non-summer Friday afternoon and I was triaged as not being a serious emergency (well, after all I wasn't seriously injured -- it was just a deep cut) I had to wait a couple of hours to get stitched up. You can tell you live in a small town when you are sitting in an ER and you can pass the time chatting with people you know who are also waiting. I'm getting by with just a Band-Aid over the stitches, but on Friday afternoon with my entire finger wrapped in surgical gauze, I felt as if I were constantly making a rude gesture at the world.

And we have a large bowl filled to overflowing with candy for the Halloween visitors we expect to be ringing our doorbell for the next three hours or so...

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