Jeremy cooks -- 12/11/11

A young woman Jeremy knows is suffering from lymphoma. She has been facing large medical expenses and some friends were planning a fund-raising event to assist with those expenses. Jeremy volunteered to organize food preparation. He planned the menu, recruited a co-chef, and obtained food donations from various supermarkets and food wholesalers... The event was held this evening and it was a great success.

The event was held at the Bonnet Shores Community Center in Narragansett This shows just a
part of the room. People have been eating salads, cheeses, garlic bread, and various
kinds of bruschetta. Next, the main courses are going to come out..
Jeremy said it was the first time he ever had to make five gallons of marinara sauce.
Yes, of course he made lots of pizza too. (Nancy took this picture for me because
I had a delicious slice of this pizza in my hand and couldn't use my camera.
A proud and happy chef looks out at a large room filled with people enjoying the food he prepared.

Yes, his parents are very proud of him. Well done, Jeremy, well done.

Note to any newcomers who may have wandered in from Holidailies: Jeremy is my youngest. He has worked in restaurants since he was 14. He is currently 26 and is the general manager of a restaurant.

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