Drive-in refrigerator -- 12/29/11

There is a carrot cake in that cake holder that is sitting on the hood of my car. The icing on the cake needs to be kept refrigerated, but there was not enough room in our refrigerator, so we have been keeping it in our garage. The cake container is a bit of an antique -- I bought it when I was nine or ten years old as a present for my mother. This, of course, was back when kids would leave the house after lunch with instructions to be back home by five o'clock (actually, "when the factory whistles blow"), so I could catch a bus and travel to the uptown shopping district and go into Montgomery Wards ("Monkey Wards") and do my shopping and catch a bus back home and somehow sneak it into the house and up into my room and wrap it and hide it until Christmas.

I made some lasagna tonight. I put it on the roof of my car until it had cooled down enough for me to be able to put it in the actual refrigerator. (No, I didn't think to take a picture of it (actually, two baking dishes of lasagna) until after it was already put in the non-drive-in refrigerator.

Who am I? I am a 68 year old computer geek who lives in Rhode Island with my wife, Nancy. She used to be a computer person as well (we got our MS degrees in Systems Sciences together) but she has since escaped from computers to become a middle school math teacher (and, this year, has moved from teaching math to teaching science). Eldest child lives in New York City with his wife and their two boys. Daughter is currently in Ottawa with her boy friend. Youngest is a restaurant manager here in R.I. The nest is empty. I work for a big computer company (you definitely know their initials) in their education and training department. I used to write courses and teach courses for them but a few years ago I got involved in helping to set up a quality assurance group and now I work from home doing editing and quality assurance checking on courses written by others.Hobbies & interests include photography (and video), running, reading, gardening, cooking, drawing, writing, and politics as a spectator sport. (No wonder I never seem to have free time.) And I've been babbling here on a semi-regular basis for more than fifteen years.

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