Weekend -- 01/16/12

Where did the weekend go? (For that matter, where did the past week go since I last wrote an entry?)

Saturday night I was up in Providence at a birthday party for two young women (who are both turning thirty). One of them, Melinda, you've probably seen me mention before -- she was the instructor for that Adobe Flash course that Jill and I took at RISD -- arghh! -- talk about time flying, that was fall semester 2008!. Melinda is also the person behind the They're Using Tools team in the annual 48 Hour Film Festival.

The hands that are slicing the pizza belong to Dan -- who not only made the pizza (and the pizza dough), but also hosted the party. (Dan was the skateboard-riding guitar player in our 2010 entry in the 48 Hour Film Festival.) He made the pizza with carmelized onions (made by slowling cooking a huge pile of sliced onions in a little bit of olive oil until the onions were well-carmelized. He also had pieces of ham on the pizza and the combination/contrasts of the taste of the ham with the sweetness of the onions was just so delicious.

Last Sunday (a week ago yesterday), Staples had a $75 off coupon in their advertisement in the Sunday newspaper. Nancy pointed that out to me and noted that that everytime she sat in my office chair (to use my desktop computer for a few minutes) it killed her back and she thought I should take advantage of the sale to get a new office chair. Then, on Monday, my chiropractor mentioned that Staples had a line of Tempur-Pedic office chairs and that perhaps I should consider a new chair.

So Saturday morning, Nancy & I went to Stapels.

They had three different Tempur-Pedic models, and I liked each one, but I liked the most expensive one the best (naturally).

But I also tried out some of the other chairs... and I really liked this one. It had good lumbar support (just like the Tempur-Pedic chairs) but it also was a bit bigger (with a higher back) and was very comfortable.

It was also thirty bucks more than the top of the line Tempur-Pedic -- but I did have that seventy-five dollar coupon -- and I was really getting tired of back pain. So, now I have a new office chair.

While we were out and about on Saturday, we stopped in at a farmer's market being held in part of an old mill complex that has been changed into commercial units, and we discovered, next to the area being used by the farmer's market, a distillery. The Sons of Liberty Spirits Company. We latched onto a tour that had just begun, and got to see where they brewed their beer (which is what whiskey begins life as -- and is then distilled) and were shown the whole process. They do have whiskey tastings, but it was only about ten or fifteen minutes past noon -- a bit early in the day -- so we passed on that (but will probably return later some afternoon). I am pretty much a beer and wine drinker -- and when it came to whiskey, I was a Wild Turkey drinker, but I don't think I've had any in twenty years... Still (pun intended) it's interesting to have a distillery in town -- the only one in Rhode Island.

Sunday night Jeremy came by and he and Nancy and I had a science nerd night, sitting by a roaring fire (it was down to around 10 degrees F last night) in the fireplace, sipping wine and watching Internet streaming versions of various PBS Nova shows about topics like absolute zero and quantom entanglement, etc. on my lap top. (Yeah, still haven't gotten around to buying a new TV for the living room.)

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