A birthday celebration -- 01/07/12

This past friday (February 3rd) was Nancy's birthday.
We (Nancy, Jill, and I) just had a quiet dinner at home on Friday night...

And then on Saturday night, Nancy's sister Janet, her daughter Allison, Nancy's sister Clara, her daughter Caitlin, and Nancy's Mother. Plus Sadie, Caitlin's little puppy.

And, of course, Nancy -- plus Jill, Jeremy, and me.

Yes, Jill baked the birthday cake (carrot cake) and made the frosting and decorated it.

Hanging out it the kitchen before dinner (L to R) Janet, Clara, Nancy, Jane, Caitlin.

After dinner (I had made lasagna) at the dinning room table -- time for cake -- (Janet, Nancy, Jill, Clara)

Hanging out in the living room with coffee (or tea or wine or beer) -- Oops, that's Allison's knee, and then Clara, Jeremy, Sadie the puppy, Jill (behind Sadie), Caitlin (Sadie's owner) and Nancy (on the floor next to the fireplace).

Sadie, relaxing on the living room floor, chewing on a piece of firewood she had rescued from the wood bin next to the fireplace. Sadie is big enough that she found chunks of firewood to make good chewtoys. (Who says you need to spend big bucks on puppy toys?)


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