There's a new cat in town -- 06/15/12

This is Luther, the new cat in town... and in our house. This is the picture that the local animal shelter was using for him. Jill went there seeking a cat and met Luther.

As noted, Luther is two and a half years old. He was found as a stray, apparently had been abandoned. Jill brought him home a week ago Sunday...

In the picture above, he is just getting out of the cat carrier in Jill's room.

And above you see Luther pretending to be a book.

Tiger had been so old for so long that we had forgotten how high a healthy young cat can leap -- actually, with Luther it is more like levitate! Nancy was down in the basement the other day and Luther followed her down there. At one point she thought he must have gone back upstairs because she didn't see him -- and then she realized that he was stretched out on a window sill -- but this was in the basement and the window sill was just a few inches short of being six feet above the floor.

He had spent most of his first day here in Jill's room -- in fact, he was underneath her bed most of the time -- but the next day he was more comfortable and was soon exploring all over the house. He discovered comforts of a kitchen windowsill (the same one that had been Tiger's favorite).

And he is also fond of what had been Tiger's favorite window in my office. There seems to be enough activity out front to keep a cat amused for several minutes... (I bought a new office chair a couple of months ago, so there is a spare office chair for Luther to use.)

And when the view out the window becomes boring, it's also a comfortable place for a cat nap.

He's been here for twelve days now and he seems to feel comfortable and at home... And he is definitely Jill's cat -- he follows her around the house and spends a lot of his time just hanging out with her.

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