48 hours again -- 07/15/12

Yes, this weekend brought the Providence area 48 Hour Film Project... and once again I joined the They're Using Tools team for the competition. And this year Jill was able to join with me.

Our assigned genre was Period Piece. After a couple of hours of at time hilarious debate, our team decided to go with a Western theme but to set it in some vague post-apocalyptic future. Then, to add an extra twist to it, the group (urged on by Nick, our talented director in recent years) decided to make it be just the final minutes of a post-apocalyptic western -- all the action except the final face-off between villain and heroine has already taken place. The field is strewn with bodies from that penultimate gun fight. The heroine's father has been wounded by the villain, who is holding him hostage. Now comes that final confrontation between heroine and villain....

Jill with head wound makeup. She got to spent lots of time lying on the ground pretending to be one of victims of the shoot out.

And that's me as the heroine's wounded father...

I won't bother your browsers with a stack of pictures, but I put some in an album on Facebook.

The tech part of the team was busy last night and today editing the best parts of various takes together and adding sound effects and special effects and the musical score.... all in time to meet the 48 hour deadline. (If you do not make the deadline your entry is disqualified from the competition.)

There are screenings this coming week at the Cinema World multiplex in Lincoln, RI. (See the Providence 48 Hour Film Project website.) Our film will be in Group A -- 7 pm Tuesday. It will be three or four weeks before I can point you to an online version; there is an embargo on putting entries online until the awards ceremony is held

Jill and I were exhausted when we got home last night -- around nine o'clock -- but we both had a craving for beer and Buffalo wings. Nancy had eaten dinner and was reading and had no interest in going out, so Jill & I went down to the Wakefield Fat Belly's Pub and ordered a dozen wings (half Buffalo and half barbeque) and instead of ordering entrees, we also got a chicken natchos platter -- plus some Ten Penny Ale (which is the current favorite beer for both of us). And our local Fat Belly's now has live music on Saturdays -- which means some poor guy squeezed into a corner with his guitar and harmonica, but last nights performer was actually pretty good and it made for a very pleasant evening.

We were still tired today... Jill invited me to go for a run but I didn't think I would have time, but then she said she was going to warm up by walking a loop of the neighborhood (one mile) so I walked that mile with her. When we got back home, Nancy told me that the opera we were going to go to was at eight o'clock rather than at four o'clock (as I had mistakenly believed). Jill immediately pointed out that meant that I had more time... so I ran two miles with her. It was brutally hot, so after two miles we stopped at home for water. I said that was enough for me, so Jill asked me to time her as she ran another mile by herself. (She was more than three minutes faster than when she is running with me, but she would like to take at least half a minute off that time.) She decide that was enough running for today because of the heat, but she walked a cool-down mile and I joined her.

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