Jill's 10 mile run -- 07/28/12

Jill ran the Narragansett Blessing of the Fleet race last night. She has been after me to run it again and I've half-way convinced myself that I ought to try it again next year (that is, assuming that I actually do have bunion surgery sometime over the winter and that I actually then commit to a serious program of training). Who knows...

In case you weren't reading this site seven years ago (what's that? they say time flies? Just imagine!) here are a couple of pictures of the last time my brother and I ran it together (plus some pictures of the actual Blessing of the Fleet that gives the race its name).

And here are some pictures from last night (for those who didn't already see them on Facebook).

So here's a traditional father-daugher pre-race photo. I said "but I'm not running the race this year" and was told that I was "the designated driver."

And Jill mugging for the camera. (On Facebook I labelled this as "Strong like bull. Hear me roar!" Jill then made this her profile picture on Facebook.

And Jill with her post-race beer. The orange wristband shows that she was able to show proof of age and is old enough to purchase beer. I was carrying her wallet for her so that she would have her driver's license available. Regular readers will know how she was denied entry to the beer tent after running a half marathon up in New Hampshire and then again denied a beer following the James Joyce Ramble 10K in April, less than two weeks before her 30th birthday. So she wanted to be able to have proof of age handy.

And yes, the traditional post-race father-daughter photograph.

After running the ten miles and then wandering around the post-race festivities, all with soaking wet shoes (the race start was delayed due to a torrential downpour from a passing storm and everyone was well-soaked -- the delay was for the downpour and also to allow the water to run off the pavement), Jill decided to walk to where I was parked (an elementary school a mile away from the finish line) barefoot.

Next race: Run4Kerri, a 4 mile run a week from tomorrow. After that we are signed up to run the NK5K in early September and then the CVS Downtown 5K in mid-September. Jeremy is also signed up to run that one with us.

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