Early August -- 08/03/12

Somehow July ended and August started... Summer days are just flying by.

I kept a harsh cough from that cold I had been complaining about... went back to my doctor's office and was given a prescription for a bronchodilator (Ventolin HFA albuterol sulfate). It does seem to be helping; I am coughing far less and when I do it does not hurt the way it had been. I like the medical practice that we use. It is a doctor and two nurse-practitioners. (I'm not sure what the equivalent of an NP would be outside of the US -- an NP is a Registered Nurse with several years of experience who then goes on to advanced study, perhaps including a master's degree in nursing. They can treat patients independently, can make diagnoses and write prescriptions, etc.) Diane, the NP I usually see, was encouraging about my attempt to get back into running. She also ran that 10 mile race that Jill was in last week. Diane finished 3rd in her age group, averaging 7:16 per mile. I asked her if she was going to run in the four mile race that Jill and I are going to do on Sunday. She said probably not, because she liked use Sundays for her long runs.

Jill did a lot of cookie baking last night -- including peanut butter cookies and some cookies with raisins and walnuts. Yummy good

Here she is on her way to deliver some of these cookies.

Some are going to her grandmother's house and the other packages are going to the post office to send to out-of-town friends.

I spent a couple of hours on Thursday doing yard work, pulling weeds, etc. and then when Jill got home from work she said "Let's go for a run." Well, it was a slow mile -- my legs did not want to move quickly at all -- a bit over eleven minutes -- and then I said that I would have to walk, I was just too tired, but Jill should go on and run -- and she said that actually, she thought she would go and take a short nap, because she had a lot of cookie baking to do (see above photos). So I continued walking and, after almost half a mile I picked the pace up to jogging and finished that mile. I then went back to walking, this time for almost two-thirds of a mile before I started jogging again. I thought of doing a 4th mile but I was just too tired.

When I got up this morning I was in pain, my whole body was sore -- and I had a headache -- but two aspirin and a big mug of hot black coffee and I was surprised to find that I felt okay. My legs were tired, but other than that, I felt pretty good.

A lot of the weeding that I was doing on Thursday was to make the blackberries easier to get to...

And, below, you see some of the ripe berries I picked this morning. In a few days there are going to be so many beautiful ripe berries.

Jill has gone off to Boston (with more cookies) to visit friends. She went by train (avoiding the problem of trying to park a car in Boston) and will be back tomorrow just in time to go to work.

Nancy and I may go to the Charlestown Seafood Festival tomorrow night -- if the chance of thunderstorms is not too high. And then on Sunday morning Jill and I will be running in the Run4Kerri 4-miler. (Well, Jill will be running and I'll be sort of jogging -- but if I keep this up, I ought to be in running shape for the NK5K and the CVS 5K in September -- well, in running shape for a 69 year old guy.)

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