Some video to share -- 08/29/12

Okay, yeah, I just went more than three weeks without updating. Would you believe me if I said I've been busy?

I have been involved with lots of stuff that has made me busy and given me lots to say -- I would think "Oh, I've got to write about this" or "These pictures would make a good photo entry" and then... well, obviously, the thought never became action. Or the action took place some other way, such as a visit to the county fair became a photo album on Facebook. As did going to catch the band, Denver Boot, playing in a Newport tavern (the band featuring the guy who did the music track for the 48 Hour Film Project that Jill and I worked on back in July) -- yep, became a Facebook photo album rather than a journal entry.

So... videos to share.

Our 48 Hour Film Project for 2012 is here.

(The odd title is because we thought of it as a possible post-apocalyptic future following the collapse of civilization from the strange blue sparkly eggs from our entry last year.)

When I told about the Run4Kerri road race (in my previous entry), I mentioned that there was a crew making a documentary video about the event. As it turns out, they did not use any of the brief interviews with race participants, but confined themselves to members of Kerri's family. If you are interested, it is a nicely done mini documentary (not quite six minutes)... you can see it here.

And Monday was my brother's 66th birthday -- which he celebrated by going on a 66 mile bike ride -- and by making a short video about his birthday ride.

He is getting closer to getting back into shape (after his foot surgery) and being ready for the Death Valley ride for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Yeah, I know, you are saying 66 miles is amazing, but the full ride in Death Valley is 105 miles. So, if you wander over to his website http://www.letscurediabetes.com/ride.html you can read about the ride and his training (and about Chad and Melissa as well -- his offspring and co-riders) and even make a pledge if you so desire.

And yeah, I really do have to do something about replacing the comments app.

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