Running 5k -- 09/09/12

Jill and I ran the NK5K yesterday.

The night before the race Jill said she had to go to Fat Belly's Pub for some Half Penny Ale and some Buffaque chicken wings. Nancy and I had just finished eating (salmon encrusted with panko and crushed pecan plus a salad, some garlic bread, and the last of some ratatouille I had made a couple of days ago using zuchinni and eggplant from our garden) but I said I would come along to keep her company -- besides, I can't resist Half Penny Ale. Jill says that she has gone to Fat Belly's for Half Penny and Buffaque wings the night before every race this summer, including the Blessing of the Fleet 10-miler and that it is a good omen. I dunno about good omen, but that has become my favorite beer and their Buffaque wings are really tasty.

She got a 12-count order of wings -- and I helped by eating one of them.

I guess the Half Penny and wings worked because she had a good run on Saturday. She was 90th overall (compared with 83rd two years ago -- but there was a larger field this year -- which also made things a bit slower getting to the starting line. I was also slower than I was two years ago and than last year as well, although only by a few seconds. (Jill was in Canada at this time last year.) I know exactly where I went wrong this year. I was at a reasonable (slow) pace through the first mile, but I picked it up during the second mile -- too much -- so that on the third mile I was too tired to keep up my pace -- until, of course, my running coach ran along side of me during the last three hundred feet or so before we turned into the high school driveway where the finish line was -- barking instructions to pick up my feet, pump my arms, move it, move it. She said later that she wondered what the other runners must have thought.

Our traditional post-race picture.

This race is still timed the old fashioned way -- from the time of the start until you cross the finish line (compared with the newer technique using RFID chips where your time is from when you personally cross the start line at the beginning until you personally cross the finish line at end). There was a slightly larger crowd this year and it took me a bit longer to cross the start line -- if I compare what my watch showed this year vs. what it showed last year, I was seven seconds faster... in other words, still not very impressive. ** sigh **

Actually, I know exactly what my problem is: lack of stamina. This summer I have run miles in the low ten minute range, have even run under ten minutes. But that is for one mile. I've even run quarter-miles in under two minutes. What I can't do is run three point one miles at a pace in the ten minutes per mile range. And I know what the cure is -- get in a three to five mile run every second day -- and get in a good alternative workout on the alternate days. I used to sometimes have a similar problem back in my youth (i.e., when I was in my mid to late 40s) -- I would run the first two miles of a 5k at a 6:45/mile pace and then end up slogging through the third mile at an 8 minute pace. The answer was more consistent running at longer distances.

The CVS 5k is coming up one week from today. Jeremy is going to run it with us.

After coming home from the NK5K run, Jill went on line and signed up for a half marathon in two weeks. She can do ten miles so she shouldn't have much trouble covering an extra three. (Come to think of it, the t-shirt she wore yesterday was from the Smuttynose Half Marathon she ran two years ago.)

Post-race muchies included pizza.

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