A month off -- 11/14/12

Hi, remember me?

Yeah, I took a month off.

I didn't set out to do that. It just happened.

I was going to write an entry, but I was too busy. Then I was going to write an entry but I ran out of time. Plus I was busy with lots of other stuff, including the writing I've been doing (sort of writer's block on both books, I even tried changing from 3rd person to 1st person).

And then we had a hurricane.

No real damage around here; the real damage was right along the coast. The Rhode Island coast, from Westerly to Narragansett suffered some serious damage.

We are inland (straight line approximately four miles to Narragansett Bay, two and a half to Point Judith Pond, about five to the ocean) and we are uphill, no tidal surges here, just wind and rain. But we did go without electricity for a few days and had to throw out a bunch of food, but we have a gas stove (just use a match instead of the electric ignition) and a bunch of candles and some LED flashlights and we would start a fire in our fireplace insert. I will say, however, that a couple nights of trying to play Scrabble by candle light was enough of that for my aging eyes.

Then, of course, when power came back I had to catch up on work to avoid missing deadlines.

Jill and I went to the Comic Con in Providence and had a good time. I even took pictures thinking of posting them here, but they didn't end up being very good shots, bad lighting on the shots I really wanted to use. And there was this election. As a political junky since childhood, I couldn't stop following things -- But I've just deleted three long paragraphs of political commentary because I really don't want to go there. It's too depressing to consider the lack of competent adults in Washington.

And I have just scheduled surgery on my left foot for December 11th. That's something I am happy about. I know that will finally end the pain that has been getting really bad. I had lost twelve pounds from July through September and the last two 5k races I ran felt pretty good, but then I got so the pain in my left foot was getting to be too much and so no running and a lot of the weight I lost has now been found again. Why am I happy about having to have surgery? -- It's because despite having to spend weeks with crutches and then a moon boot, when the recovery is gone I will be able to walk and hike and run without my left foot feeling a few hours later like I had dropped a bowling ball on it. (Okay, so I also have a similar problem with my right foot but it is nowhere near as severe as my left foot... and I can consider dealing with that if it should show signs of getting worse.)

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