Monday stealing -- 11/26/12

I often see Bev grab the questions from Sunday Stealing and I think "gee, they look like fun" but then there turns out to be 45 of them or some ridiculous number and I know that -- given my prolixity for verbosity -- I would be just going on and on (and one of these days the Internet is going to fill up -- so we must conserve bits and bytes whenever we can).

And her entry for today uses a Sunday Stealing from a year ago, but this Sunday the folks at Sunday Stealing stole a meme with only 13 questions, a mere baker's dozen, so I thought I would grab them and answer them..

1. Where was your profile picture taken?
What profile picture? The one I use on "blue pages" (the employee information lookup at work) was taken on Block Island in the summer of 2000, on the shore at the base of the cliffs near Southeast Light. That is it on the right.

However, the only "profile" picture I can think of for this website is the one of me with my VW Beetle taken in the front yard of the house I was sharing with two friends. I had completed my BA in the fall term was taking graduate courses when this picture was taken fairly early in 1966 a few miles outside of New Paltz, NY.

Or, perhaps I should post a more recent photograph -- one of me drinking coffee in my home office, taken in early June of this year..

2. Name someone who made you laugh today.
Frank Colleta and Barbara Morse Silva (co-anchors on the WJAR channel 10 morning news); Nancy (while getting ready to leave for her class this morning); Luthor (the cat, being his usual happy cat self); and Dr. Pelton (my chiropractor).

3. Do you believe exes can be friends?
I guess so. It probably depends on the circumstances of becoming exes. I am friends (on Facebook) with a former girlfriend, but we parted as friends, no fighting, no hard feelings. I do have an ex-wife, but we separated 40 years ago, which would be a ridiculously long time to bear a grudge. Besides, as parents of a young child, we worked to maintain a cordial relationship; but other than that, we no longer had much in common. After I moved to Rhode Island in 1995, which meant we no longer lived in the same town, I have only seen her on three occasions -- at an engagement party for our son's fiance, at our son's wedding weekend, and at the hospital when his first child was born (who turned 9 years old this past summer).

4. How do you feel about Dr Pepper?
I almost never drink soda -- probably less often than once a year -- but if I were to have a soft drink, I would probably prefer Dr. Pepper over Coke or Pepsi.

5. Who was the last person you took a picture of?
Luther -- Jill's cat. If you insist on a human being, then it would have been one of Nancy's sister Clara at our Thanksgiving gathering.

6. Are you upset about anything?
I am in a pretty mellow mood. The only thing annoying me is that I put back on most of the weight I lost this summer. That was due to bunion pain that made me stop keeping up with my running (just as I was actually getting into shape) but after my surgery (coming up in two weeks -- and the possible follow-up of having similar surgery on my right food) I will be able to get back into shape in time train up for entering a new age bracket upon my birthday at the end of April -- and I am looking forward to that.

7. Do you think relationships are ever really worth it?
Duh! Of course. I think Nancy and I have a good partnership together.

8. Are you a bad influence?
Heh, heh, heh.... <evil cackle>... I certainly hope so...

9. Night out or night in?
Both. Well, I must confess that a night in with a fire in the fireplace sure seems better in general than going out into a winter storm (and winter is coming), but I do enjoy nights out as well. We've cut back on our former pattern of dinner and a show up in Providence but we have caught plays locally (at URI and at Courthouse Center for the Arts, etc.) and we also still eat out locally -- Jill and I are especially fond of hitting Fat Belly's Pub for a glass or two of Ten Penny Ale plus sharing a platter of buff-a-que wings (and sometimes a nachos platter as well -- i.e., no dinner, just double appetizers). In fact, we plan to hit there sometime this week.

10. Has anyone ever called you perfect before?
You mean other than "a perfect fool" or something like that?

11. What song is stuck in your head?
Actually, none at the moment... and I am going to quickly skip to the next question before one crops up....

12. Someone knocks on your window at 2:00 a.m., who do you want it to be?
I do not want anyone knocking on my window at 2:00 a.m. (In the first place, our bedroom is on the second floor, so that would mean they were either using a ladder or they were on our front porch roof. I cannot think of any legitimate reason for anybody to be there.)

13. Do you smile a lot?
Yes, I think I do... (see response to question #2). I tend to laugh and joke a lot and to be a fairly happy person... but I never seem to be smiling in photographs. (Point a camera at me and I get serious?)

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