Playing with SeaMonkey -- 11/30/12

So... today's entry is an experiment with SeaMonkey. It will be a successful experiment if you do not notice anything different about the appearance of today's entry.

Back in 1996 I used some simple editor program (very simple) to build the pages that I posted to the Geocities page we had made for the youth soccer team that Nancy and I were coaching.

Nancy was the head coach -- after all, she had actually played soccer on a real team in a league whereas my only experience was a few brief sessions back in 1962 when I was one of five college guys renting a place off campus and one of my housemates (the one from Hungary) would try to get us to stop playing two-hand-touch football and take up "real football" (by which he meant what we called soccer). Sure, I'd spent many hours watching our kids play since the days when they were three or four years old playing in beginner soccer programs, but you can't coach something you don't really know, so I was the "assistant coach" and confined myself to coaching the running drills and the warmups and Nancy did all the soccer-specific stuff.

Jill had built her own web page on Geocities -- she was the one who had discovered this site that was giving away free web-hosting. She decided that there was no need to use our editor. I've no idea what it was called -- it came on a 3.5 inch diskette -- and I guess it may be a sign of age to even remember diskettes, let alone the 5 1/4 inch floppies that had preceded them. I agreed with her and started writing HTML. At one point Geocities came out with an online editor that was fairly easy to use and I started using that, but after a few experiences of losing an entry when something would happen to my connection (sometimes due to a glitch in my dial-up connection and sometimes a glitch at the Geocities end of things), I went back to writing on my PC and kept writing the HTML tags for my entries in a text editor until I started using a WYSIWYG editing program (IBM WebSphere Studio Homepage Builder) where I could write my text and format it in the
WYSIWYG view and then go under the hood and tweak the HTML tags to get it looking just the way I wanted it.

But in ten days I am going to have foot surgery and that will have me in bed for a few days, so unless I want to have a big gap in entries (yeah, I know, I did that a lot this year) I need to be able to write entries on my laptop because I am not going to be able to get down to my office where my desktop system resides.

SeaMonkey is an offshoot of Mozilla Firefox. You can't beat the price... and I have not had any problem with it while writing this entry.

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