First Holidailies entry for 2012-- 12/01/12

I've attempted Holidailies every year since 2006 but I've never managed to hit a perfect score. For example, in 2006 Holidailies also began with December 1st and I managed to nail the first twelve entries but then missed one, did the next five but then missed another one. The next year also began with December 1st and I got the first eight entries in -- but then missed ten in a row. And so it has gone every year. I guess I am just not someone who can post an entry every day -- whether it is during December or any other month of the year.

There are at least two other participants in this year's Holidailies whose online postings I have been reading for years -- more years than Holidailies has existed. I've been reading Bev Sykes' journal -- Funny the World -- since sometime in 2000 (not too long after she started her online journal in March of 2000. The other Holidailies writer is one I have been reading even longer. I can't recall exactly when but it was sometime around 1998 or so... and Megan is still writing at Elbowglitter. She has taken up running and, over the years, has progressed from 5K runs to half marathons and is currently training for a marathon. Very impressive.

Ah -- there's a third -- Nance of Dysfunction Junction is also doing Holidailies this year. I've been reading her online writing since just about the same time in 2000 that I began reading Bev.

There may be more. I know that some others whose blogs and journals I read have done Holidailies in the past, I've not seen them say anything about doing it this year (nor have their entries for today been Holidailies entries).

As for me, I have been writing this online journal since September of 1966. I'm married, have three "kids" (the youngest is 27) and two grandsons. I grew up in upstate New York and lived there all my life until moving to Rhode Island seventeen years ago. I used to be a hands-on computer person (with job titles like senior business systems analyst) but the reason I moved to Rhode Island was to take a job in software training, where I developed courseware (i.e., wrote the courses) and taught courses teaching computer professionals how to use my employer's software products. About seven years ago I moved into a quality assurance role where I edit course content and determine if it meets our quality standards.

Holidailies first entries in previous years:
And now as I go to link to this from Holidailies, I see that a fourth person whose blog I read has joined Holidailies -- Bozoette Mary at Red Nose. I've been reading her since sometime early in 2004. (We met at JournalCon 2004 in Washington DC that August, but I had been reading her blog for several months by then.)

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