My days fill up -- 12/04/12

2012 entry #4

I am feeling busy and tired. It's not even ten o'clock at I am writing this and I am thinking about bed. So I was up at 5:10 a.m., but that is not unusual. Days when Nancy has clinical, I am up about quarter to five; days when she doesn't I get to sleep in until ten after five.

And I seem to be busy all the time. I've not "worked" in two weeks, although I do check work email daily... and sometimes that can drag on... I spent almost an hour doing expense reports yesterday. Well, more than just that. For the sake of my sanity, I finally got all of my work-related passwords synchronized so that they all expire within a couple days of each other and by the end of last week, all of them were complaining that it was time to change them, so first thing I had to do was change a bunch of passwords on different systems. Then I had to check email. Then I had do do my expense accounts. I've not done any business travel since last year, so why would I have expenses? These are telephone expenses. I had to get a separate phone line (mandatory) for work, so I have a monthly telephone service bill and a bi-monthly long distance charge I do not have any long distance calls but I have to pay a charge for long distance availability. I have to submit a receipt for each of these, but they prefer not having to match up mail with online expense accounts, so now they want me to scan the bills and submit a PDF file. All of this takes time.

On Saturday and Sunday I put in time splitting wood. I want to have at least two face cords of wood all split and stacked before my foot surgery. I've got almost one and a half face cords split and stacked, so I am getting close... but I also need to get the rest of the non-split wood moved out of the way so I can nail up some deer netting (or should I say anti-deer netting?) to try to keep the neighborhood deer herd out of the garden area where I have some fruit trees planted. And Sunday and Monday I raked up the leaves on the front lawn and along both sides. And there's grocery shopping and cooking... and I keep busy with web work for some local organizations... And medical stuff. Last week I saw my chiropractor (my left shoulder was almost all better... but raking leaves seems to have trashed it again) and I had an appointment with my cardiologist (I see him twice a year for check up) and on Wednesday I gave blood. Each time I donate, I usually make my next appointment for eight weeks later, but if I do have bunion surgery on my right foot as soon as my left foot is able to walk on, I can't be sure when I will be able to drive down to the blood center.

So today I had my pre-op appointment with my podiatrist, and then had to get prescriptions filled, and then had a cleaning and check up at my periodontist's office, and then I did some grocery shopping, and then a quick lunch and then Jill and I went for haircuts, and then I came home and caught up on various email accounts (work and personal and web-work) and then I made dinner -- which I will say turned out quite nicely -- chicken piccata and quinoa pilaf and garlic bread made from whole wheat ciabatta bread and a salad of mesclin mix combined with baby spinach and sliced red onions. And some pino grigio...

And I realized that I am still looking over my shoulder expecting the weekend to be over and work to come rushing back. I may logically know that I will not "work" again until January 2nd (ignoring checking of email and various bits of administrivia I need to do), and I keep pushing myself to do this and do that and get all this stuff accomplished before this magical flexible weekend is over.

Perhaps that is the wisdom of this "transition to retirement" deal -- almost six months into it and I am still having problems mentally adjusting to the concept. Ah well, I have all of 2013 to work at a reduced schedule until I come to my retirement target date.

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