A bike ride -- 12/05/12

2012 entry #5

Late this afternoon Jill said "Hey, want to go for a bike ride?"

Yeah, what a good idea, let's do it... So we road along the bike path to the Amtrak station...

We stopped to take pictures where the bike path crosses White Horn Brook. (Yes, I know, I've taken pictures here before this. It's a nice view. This is looking south.)

And Jill borrowed my camera to take a picture of me (camera pointing generally northward). We are wearing zipped sweatshirts because it was a bit brisker out today than the mild mid-fifties temperatures we had on Monday and Tuesday. Jill couldn't resist clowning a bit.

Yes, as a matter of fact, she was wearing her Vibrams Five-Fingers on our ride.

She not only wears them when she is running, she likes to wear them whenever she is exercising.

We got to the station just in time to see an Amtrak Acela Express go zipping through the station. There's no point in showing a picture of it because one of two things happens -- either it is a blur as it goes by at 100 miles an hour or the camera snaps the picture quickly enough to freeze the motion and it looks just like any train. It is quite something else again to be standing on the platform as it roars through ten feet away from you. For the few seconds it takes to pass through, it's as if the world has become a carnival ride.

This is the view looking southwest next to the tracks.

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