Post surgical entry -- 12/13/12

I had my foot surgery yesterday Tuesday. Why did I have to correct myself there? Because I tried to write this yesterday but I kept falling asleep so I decided to give up before I knocked my laptop onto the floor or accdently erased files. (Given yesterday's 12-12-12 date, I am a bit annoyed with myself for not being able to function with my computer.)

Wow, those painkiller can make me drousy. My instructions were to take one or two every six hours. I 've only been taking them one at a time and that was more than enough for me to be quite comfortable -- more like too comfortable, so I only took one this morning and I plan to take just one tonight.

Maybe I am still a bit under the influence because I just almost lost those first two paragraphs. (Applause for whoever thought up the Undo option on the Edit button.)

I was supposed to report to the hospital at 8:00 a.m. Nancy is in the last week of classes before final next week, so Jill (who doesn't work on Tuesdays) was available to drive me there. She brought books so she could read in the waiting room. My doctor was running a few minutes ahead of schedule (which pleased me, being eager to get it done and get back home to bed).

A nurse put some happy-happy joy juice (or whatever its technical name may be) into my IV and I was off to la-la land. All I remember is lying on a gurney being wheeled along various corridors and rooms and bright lights and then we were going through through a long set of beautiful water fountains spraying up into the air except the water was all frozen in place, and then we were past that an going down more hallways until she wheeled me into a room where Nancy and Jill were waiting for me. At first I thought that I was hallucinating that Nancy was there, but her class had ended early and so she came directly to the hospital.

My doctor said that everything went smoothly even though my toe was in worse shape than it had appeared on x-rays. I am so looking forward to this foot healing enough so that I am considered fully ambulatory and I can have my right foot done as well.

My post-op visit with him will be next Tuesday. Now, if in the meanwhile I can manage to avoid killing myself by falling while trying to get around with crutches. I don't seem to be any better with them than I was the past two times I've had to use them.

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