Reading and watching -- 12/29/12

I've been reading a lot these past three weeks...

Yes, I do realize that I've also not been writing here on a daily basis, nor on a Holidailies basis either.

Partly this has been because I have been a lot more comfortable with my left foot elevated. And probably some of it has been that if I comment on three or four other people's blogs, it might have relieved some of the urge to communicate.

Also, commenting on events of the day -- or commenting on other people's comments on events of the day -- is something of a frustrating and unrewarding thing to do. Besides which, given my libertarian leanings, I think both parties -- Republicans and Democrats -- are overwhelmingly filled with corrupt and incompetent political hacks. On any given political issue, one party may be more corrupt or incompetent than the other, but overall these are minor degrees of difference. Thus, you should be happy that I don't usually write about political events because -- no matter which gang of fools you happen to believe are really the true and noble knights in shining armor, I would just be upsetting you by pointing out that they are actually dishonest lying hypocrites. And I don't really want to upset you...

I've been knocking off a couple of books a day some days... which means a fair number of books since my surgery. A majority of these books probably fall into the "thriller" category, dealing with investigations, crime and punishment, or international espionage. There have been a couple (by big name authors) that I have set aside without having any desirre to finish reading them. In fact, one of the more enjoyable books in that genre that I have read recently has been Hot Money by Mark Terry, a page-turner set in Washington, DC (read it on my Kindle).

Besides various detective, espionage, and science fiction novels, I also do read non-fiction. I now have Gibbon's History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. Yes, all six volumes, on my Kindle.

And on Monday Amazon.com should be delivering Touch of the Demon, Diana Rowland's newest Kara Gillian novel.

I don't spend all of my time reading... Santa Claus brought us a Roku box for Christmas, which is simplifying accessing Netflix streaming movies. (Before this we were using Jill's Wii to access Netflix and it is not that easy to work the options on a television screen using a video game controller.) Now we can get Netflix streaming and Amazon.com video (we're Amazon Prime so there is a huge amount of stuff to watch for free) plus Hulu (and also a huge number of rather odd channels, including Jamaican television and Chinese lots of other foreign channels). A few weeks ago we had worked our way through Josh Whedon's Dollhouse series. Now we are watching Downton Abbey.

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