U Melt -- 01/20/13

As regular readers probably recall, Jeremy is the General Manager of Burger Shack, a restaurant that especially caters to University of Rhode Island students, faculty, and staff (as well as locals, such as the nearby fire department, etc. -- and, on weekends, visiting parents). In fact, the majority of the businesses in the shopping plaza where they are located are restaurants (and the rest include a CVS, a book store, a convenience store, and so on). Now, there is something new added -- they have opened the wall into the neighboring unit and are starting a new business -- U Melt "a grilled cheese store." This is a restaurant that specializes in grilled cheese sandwiches.

Here's Jeremy being managerial -- figuring out employee work schedules for the coming week.

They opened on Friday and Saturday night for employee training and for a test run, with friends and family coming in to act as customers (and also to supply reviews of the food and service).

Nancy got a #2 -- Tomato Basil -- A grilled cheese sandwich made with mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, nut-free basil pesto, and a basalmic glaze on a baguette. (This is the half a sandwich that was still left by the time I thought to take out my camera to snap a picture.)

And I got a #6 -- Cubano -- A grilled cheese sandwich with Swiss cheese, ham, BBQ pulled pork, pickles, garlic aioli, and honey mustard on a baguette. (The same as with Nancy's sandwich, it was only after I had gobbled down the first half that I remembered I had brought my camera for a reason.)

It was so difficult to choose. There are a dozen grilled cheese sandwiches on their menu, ranging from #1 Classic Grilled Cheese (American cheese on white bread) to #4 The Club (Swiss cheese, roasted turkey breast, ham, bacon, and honey mustard on white bread) to #9 The Wild (Swiss cheese, caramelized onions, apple, and truffle oil on sour dough bread). They even have a dessert -- #12 The Dessert (Nutella and honey roasted banana on raisin bread). They also have various add-on items such as chips, soup (tomato bisque or chicken noodle), or mac 'n cheese. (By the way, Nancy got the tomato bisque soup and I got the chicken noodle and we were both pleased -- these are real soups, not something poured out of a can.)

Me and Jeremy -- this is over on the Burger Shack side -- that's his kitchen through the doors behind us.

Jeremy and Nancy (at the Burger Shack ordering counter).

p.s. UMelt now has a webpage with photographs of their menu items -- hover your mouse over each photo to see what it is.

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