It's still winter -- 01/22/13

It's still winter around here, complete with some overnight snow...

Luther is quite fond of looking out windows, generally watching the activity of birds and squirrels and also any neighborhood cats who might wander upon our property. In this picture he is watching the late afternoon beginning of our overnight snow.

Here's what our front yard looked like around 7:30 last night. And below is the fire in our fireplace.

Nancy and I kept warm by the fire. Actually, I started the fire in the early afternoon (after we had stocked up the wood supply we keep on our back deck so that we had enough to give us at least three warm evenings plus brought enough wood in for several hours of cozy warmth) and Nancy sat in the living room to study. Jill had gone up to the Boston area to hang out with friends up there. In the evening, Nancy and I enjoyed the fire while watching a pair of Stargate Universe episodes. (We only have six left to watch -- then we'll have to find another show for streaming.)

And this is what things looked like about 5:30 this morning.

Yes, you read that right -- 5:30 a.m. -- because Nancy's next semester started today. So we are now back to getting up a little bit past 5 a.m.

Nancy and Jill have been doing the snow shoveling this winter (since my foot surgery back on December 11th) but this morning I temporarily replaced my surgical shoe with a real shoe and went out and shoveled the driveway. Yeah, okay, so it's not down to totally bare pavement, but it will do.

And my foot seems to have survived its ordeal. (But please don't tell my podiatrist I did that.)

We are supposed to have a few days of colder than normal temperatures (plus some strong winds to help get the wind chill factor down).

I noticed (when checking the weather forecast) that the ocean temperature is about 39 degrees F (not quite 4 degrees for those of you who speak Celsius). That is relevant because in five weeks and a couple of days Jill and I (and probably Jeremy and some of his friends) are going to go swimming... Yeah, just like last year... and I was going to provide a link but I guess I never got around to writing it up last year... so here's a quick photo of me (yeah, the old guy with the grey hair is me -- Jeremy is in the red trunks) running into the Atlantic Ocean this past February 18th. As with the prior year (when Jeremy and his friends also did it), it is a fund-raiser for a charity for families with premature babies.

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