Can spring be far? -- 02/21/13

This picture was taken this morning around dawn... (Picture was at 6:26 and dawn was at 6:32.)

So dawn is coming a lot earlier than it was a month ago (not to mention two months ago!) and Spring is coming in just another month.

But on Saturday we have an 80% chance of snow in the morning and afternoon... and a 70% chance of snow that evening. Accumulation of three inches -- or perhaps less -- or perhaps more. And then a 90% chance of snow Sunday morning and then either staying as snow or changing to rain in the afternoon. Well, whatever, at least we know we will have some kind of weather...

Well, spring is eventually coming...

Got my car back this afternoon. Jeremy's car was in for a new windshield (had a crack from a pebble kicked up by a truck) and for state inspection and for a couple of new tires -- so he was driving my car while his was in the shop.

I went to the Y to try to get in some swimming practice. My challenge is to learn to swim while turning my head -- blowing out air while face down and instead of lifting my head up to breathe (inefficient and takes more effort) learning to turn my head to the side to breathe. My challenge in this is to do it without swallowing water while attempting to breathe. I do not seem to be very good at this. Came home and (just like last Friday) had to lie down for half an hour or so.

As I think I've mentioned, I have been taking every Friday off. Since I am supposed to only be working a 60% schedule, that means I've still been accumulating an extra day each week that I will have to eventually take off. So, I took off today. Naturally, I still spent much of it sitting in this same chair, but working on computer stuff for some non-profit groups I belong to. (I do their websites.) What I am trying to do is to set up a professional looking slide show to replace a page that currently has a series of photographs one after another. It was already getting to be a long scroll down and we have some more photographs to add, so it was time to go for a slide show arrangement.

Plus I did a bit of writing and went to a writer's group whose meetings I had been skipping due to transportation difficulties when I was wearing my moonboot and then my surgical shoe.

And I am still tired from my brief but taxing afternoon swim so I shall post this and then go read in bed for a while (probably just a short while) until I fall asleep.

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