The first questions -- 02/25/13

Yes, today is Monday but I am doing Sunday Stealing -- a set of questions that they called "The (20) First (Questions) Meme."

First Job:
Andy's Furniture, Kingston, NY -- delivery assistant, warehouse assistant, and general gopher (sweep, vacuum, dust, go for coffee, etc.)

First Real Job:
Police officer, Kingston, NY.

First Volunteer Job:
Running a game booth for our church's summer fair.

First Car:
My 1957 VW Beetle

First Record:
I believe the first album I bought was Rock 'N' Roll at the Sugar Bowl by Luke Sykes. I'm really not sure about 45 rpm singles, too long ago.

First Sport Played:
Softball -- street version -- where you only have five or six or seven kids, not have enough for two teams, so everyone plays the field positions except the one whose turn it is to be up at bat... and if the batter gets a hit, he runs to the base and then returns to his field position and an imaginary "ghost" runner takes his place on the base and advances automatically if the next batter gets a safe hit.

First Concert:
The Four Freshmen in the auditorium at SUNY/New Paltz early autumn 1963.

First Country Visited:

First Kiss:
Sue, 1957.

First Speech:
Outside of speech classes, etc.? Maybe at the Model UN Security Council weekend at C.W. Post College, late April, 1963.

First Girlfriend/Boyfriend:
Real girlfriend, as in serious -- Pam -- 1959.

First Encounter with a Famous Person:
Harry Truman when he came through Kingston campaigning for Averill Harriman (1956). To actually have a conversation with them, in 1960 I met Hugh Downs in a diner somewhere in Connecticut and had a pleasant conversation with him..

First Brush With Death:
I've been in a few scary dangerous situations but never really injured badly enough or seriously ill enough for it to be considered a brush with death.

First House/Flat Owned:
The house Nancy and I bought on Binghamton's West Side in 1980.

First Film Seen at a Cinema:
I do not know the title - it was a western -- in black and white -- and I was confused by a scene (I believe was supposed to be night?) where they were in the desert and I thought the "white" sand was snow and wondered why they were in the snow in shirt sleeves. The other scene I recall is where there was a trail of gunpowder leading to a barrel of gunpowder and one of the bad guys lit the gunpowder and the camera followed the sparkling flame as it travelled along the trail of gunpowder. I was with my parents and I think my brother was with us but since he is three years young than me, I doubt that he remembers it. (Oh, and first there was a cartoon about dinosaurs.)

First Media Appearance (Radio, Newspaper, TV):
I was on television when I was in 6th grade for winning a poster contest to encourage savings.

First Hospital Stay:
Tonsillectomy, age 5.

First Book You Remember Reading:
Actually, this was when I was in the hospital for my tonsillectomy. My father was reading a science fiction comic book to me when my parents had to leave because visiting hours in the children's ward were over. Besides the comic pages, that comic book also had a one or two page text-only short story in each issue and my father was about to read it to me when he had to leave. I was very annoyed about this. So, before they turned the lights out, I read it to myself and after finishing it I suddenly realized that I had read it all by myself! I guess I had been able to read for a while and nobody -- including me -- had realized it because we all thought I had simply memorized the various kids books around the house.

First Pet:
When I was an infant, my parents had an Irish Setter named Ecky (short for Ecnerwal -- yes, Lawrence spelled backwards).

First Election You Voted In:
1964 Presidential election. (You had to be 21 to vote back then.)

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