A family gathering -- 06/18/13

There was a family gathering on Sunday, hosted by Nancy's brother Walter and his wife Diane at their house in Yorktown Heights, NY.

This was Father's Day (and there were many exchanges of "Happy Father's Day" greetings) and there was a cake celebrating Walter and Diane's daughter Kym's graduation -- but the thing that brought all of Nancy's brothers and sisters together, was a farewell party for Matt and Tammi and Jake who are moving to Okinawa.

Matt, Nancy's youngest sibling, is a Lt. Colonel, USMC and they are moving because of his new posting.

There were vast amounts of food and beverages and mounds of cookies and two cakes -- nobody left hungry.

And digital cameras and cellphones were kept busy snapping photograph after photograph -- including, of course, a gathering of all ten "kids" with their mother.

Sue, Matt, Janet, Walter, Cathy, Jeff
Bob, Clara, Mom, Nancy, Karen

By the time Nancy and I got back home -- just before noon on Monday -- there were already dozens and dozens of pictures on Facebook. (I put up more than three dozen more out of the almost ninety that I took.) We'll get to see Matt and Tammi and Jake in a few days as they make a trip to Rhode Island before heading off to Japan. It will be a great adventure for them, but we are going to miss them. (It was a lot easier when they were in California.)
Jeremy chatting with his aunt Sue...

The generations begin to overlap in a family this large. Matt is the youngest of the ten children, but the children of that generation range from Matt's son (the youngest) to just a year or so younger than Matt. And then there are the grandchildren (who are Nancy's mother's great-grandchildren). The eldest of that generation will be in high school in the fall. (The two current youngest of that generation were at the party along with two older members.)

Nancy with her sister Sue's grandson..
I probably do not need to tell you that there is a lot of Irish in this family.

I hope you all had a good weekend...

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