Our garden -- 06/22/13

Nancy and I have been putting a bit of work and energy into our garden and we have reached the point where it is going to be paying off in terms of putting food on our table.

Up to now, we have been getting things such as chives and parsley, but now we are about to get vegetables and lettuce. For example, here are some peas....

And we are going to have a nice fresh salad made with lettuce from our garden for dinner tonight -- and do it again for lunch tomorrow -- and again for dinner tomorrow -- and meal after meal...

Over the past four years or so we have roughly tripled the area in which we are growing vegetables. This year, in addition to the various herbs and types of lettuce, we have cabbage and peas and beans, tomatoes, squash (zucchini and yellow), three kinds of eggplant, and peppers. Oh, and Nancy and Jill also are trying pumpkins.

And it looks as if we will have a nice crop of blackberries this year as well...


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