Tuesday, October 8, 1996

Not Enough Hours in a Day

There are not enough hours in a day, not enough days in a week.

This will be my first on-line journal entry since Sept. 29th!

This past weekend I set out to rearrange my web site. I was going to set up my home page to link to various subpages: a page for jimsjournal, a page for educational technology, a page for odds and ends, etc. The jimsjournal page would contain a date/title list that would contain links to each entry. The educational technology page would contain a discussion/ideas about computer based training and distance learning over the Internet, etc. plus links to interesting sites with related information. And I expected to get all of that done over Saturday and Sunday. Ha! There is just too much to do on weekends: get groceries, do other shopping, go to soccer games, do yardwork, sixth grade carwash, fix meals, eat meals, etc. And this webpage stuff: it takes time! And I do not have time.

I was up late last night, trying to work on a short paper discussing the implications of an article of our choice from a journal (professional journal, not on-line journal). I've mentioned somewhere that I'm taking a grad course at U.R.I. this semester, haven't I? And the article contained a URL related to the topic, so I had to surf there, naturally. And one site leads to another... well, you know... so I was up too late... and then had to get up early this morning... Long day at work, the second day of a two-day technical course I'm teaching. Other work to do: marking up corrections in the books we supply to our students, analyzing requirements for a new (very short) course I am supposed to be developing, fielding questions regarding data files that need to be shipped to England (I've got to fly to the U.K. in a couple of weeks), etc. I am very late leaving work, my class has already begun ten minutes before I leave the office and I have to stop and pick up cider and donuts because it is my turn to bring refreshments to class. It is raining. It is raining very hard and strong gusty winds are blowing the rain around. I am wearing a sports jacket and dress shoes. I have a nice trench coat and also a raincoat. They are at home in the hall closet. My rubbers are also in there. My feet and wingtip Florsheims (and much of the rest of me) are damp by the time I get to class. I needed another hour last night to work on my paper. It sucks. My train of thought was headed in the right direction, but I really didn't get to where I needed to be. I know now what I should have said. And it was raining when class was over, so I could get wet on the way to my car.

I am very tired. I am going to bed.

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