Thursday, January 23, 1997

Wrinkled Paper Background

Not only have I not been working on my webpage enough, but I fear that I have been letting its appearance get dull. There are just too many entries on a solid background of some shade of blue.

Yeah, okay, so a background that looks like somewhat crumpled or wrinkled grey paper is not exactly pushing the limits of excitement. I'm just trying out different looks. I do not like flashy webpages. You are not likely to find animated characters fighting duels against a background of burning cities while your computer speakers bring you the clang of steel on steel and the crackle and roar of the fire being brought to you on this webpage. I'm just looking for a variety of textures and colors that would serve as a suitable backdrop for text. That means the text must remain easily readable (and I think some of the combinations of background colors and link colors on a couple of my pages are not that successful).

Yeah, okay, wrinkled grey paper. At least its not that same dull solid color background... it's a dull wrinkled paper background.

Oh well, the moon is full, the weather is mild. And I really am going to try to get this site into better shape.

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