October 15, 1998

Some Y2K Stuff

I've been involved with computers -- data processing -- Information Systems -- Information Technology -- call it what you will -- for more than two decades now and have been watching the Y2K problem approaching during all that time. I've ranted on about it a bit in an entry in my Journal (triggered by an annoyingly ignorant letter to the editor in a newspaper) so I won't go into any detail here in discussing the problem. My interest here is in providing links to some interesting and/or useful sites related to the Y2K issue.

PCWEEK publishes an e-mail newsletter, Y2K Watch, and maintains a website covering Y2K issues and news. (And you can request a subscription to Y2K Watch.) Curiously, ZiffDavis also has another Y2K website.

You can view various government reports and press releases at the President's Council on Y2K Conversion website.

And some other Y2K websites are:

Year200 Information Center

Y2K TImes on-line magazine with articles & links.

The Complete Y2K Website for COBOL Legacy Systems

CIO Magazine Year 2000 Research Center

The American Medical Association (!) has its own Y2K site.

Millennia3 is one of many consulting companies specializing in Y2K problems. (Disclosure: my brother has worked for Millennia3.)

Here is a Geocities site with a discussion of calendar issues. I've always been interested in programming dealing with calendars -- at my previous employer I was the guy who kept writing COBOL routines to perform various date conversions -- and perhaps one of these days I will write up something about calendars to put on my page.

Speaking of calendars and dates, you are aware, are you not, that there are other date problems in addition to Y2K? For example, we have the GPS satellite date problem, the September 9, 1999 problem, and the year 2000 leap year problem....

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