Thinking about this website...

I've been thinking about this website lately. I've not done a very good job of keeping it up-to-date. When I began it, I had vague thoughts about having various areas here:
  • an area for pictures -- where I could post photographs I've taken
  • areas to discuss various topics that interest me (such as distance learning and online journals) with a collection of useful links
  • perhaps posting some of my writing (poems, short stories)... most of which is very old since for many years most of my writing was in COBOL and for the past four years I've been writing a lot of course material (student and instructor manuals, exercise guides, etc.) for courses I develop and teach
  • and the area I called "Jim's Journal" (yeah, and of course that is also the label I gave the whole site) where I had intended to post not a daily diary but more a series of personal essays or comments on various topics.

Well, I have done that, posting various bits of writing, commenting on looking at a lunar eclipse, having a beer after work, various business trips, going to the circus, etc... but instead of posting one or two times a week, I found that my posting came at irregular intervals, with increasing gaps between them. Looking at my journal file list I see that I posted ten essays in 1996 -- four in the last week of September, three more in October, nothing in November, and then three in December -- but the next year I only posted nine times in the entire twelve months, and 1998 was even worse with just four postings early in the year and a few more in the fall)... This particular bit of babbling that I am doing right now will be my nineth posting for 1999 -- but four of those were actually delayed posting of writing that I did in '98. [Note - which have now been moved into 1998 where they belonged.]

And, of course, most of those other areas have been quite neglected... So... what am I doing, making a New Years Resolution to be better about updating this site? Yes, sort of... That is, I have been thinking about making a deliberate attempt to post more often... despite the fact that a few weeks ago when I finally got around to updating my area discussing online journaling, I stated that this site was not an online journal, I have begun to think that it might be fun to try writing a journal...

I don't mean to attempt to write a diary, a daily posting of my thoughts and feelings... no... but to write two or three times a week (a more manageable schedule?) with my reactions to what is going on in my life and in the world, books I'm reading, movies I've seen, thoughts that I have... This is partly prompted by Pamie's site where she not only writes her thoughts, but has a forum where readers can post comments... and I found that, although there were some weeks when I had no comments, there were weeks when I posted two or three or four times... and then I found that I might wander off and visit the website of other people who posted at Pamie's site and some of them also had begun to add forum areas. (These forums come from LUSENET... instead of me rambling on trying to explain it, you can just check it out for yourself... and, no, at this point in time I don't think I will be adding a forum to my site... but who knows?) Anyway, I sometimes find myself posting comments on these other forums as well... and I've tossed a comment or two at Intellectual Capital as well.... So I've been thinking that as long as I am going to be taking the time to post my thoughts, maybe I should post them on my own webpage...

So that's what I'm going to try to do in 2000. (Yeah, I'll probably keep posting comments in various forums as well.) I hope I can get around to cleaning up this site in general, updating the various areas I have here. I am trying to learn java, etc. and this might also be a place to play around a little bit with that as well. (Not on the main parts of my site, but off in a corner where visitors won't trip over stray bits of code.)

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