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On this date (Feb 9th):
  • Carole King is born (1941)
  • Barry Mann is born (1939)
  • Bill Haley dies (1981)

Food Today:

Breakfast: Raisin Nut Bran cereal, orange juice, coffee.

Lunch: Caesar salad with Grilled Chicken Breast at The Mooring Restaurant, Newport (department went out for a lunch today)

Dinner: well, we had a total of five teenagers so got four large pizzas (two pepperoni, two plain cheese) from Ronzio's (on URI campus) -- then got fish and chips to go from Main Street Fish Market, Wakefield for Nancy and me (and picked up some Bass Ale from McGrath's Package Store) (oh, okay, so I had a slice of pizza before going to get the fish & chips) Friday seems to be a too-tired-to-cook and want-to-relax night for me.

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Looking at the calendar -- 02/09/01

Offices are not complete without calendars, right?

So I have two on the walls of my cube... a small one, perhaps five inches wide, pictures of Edinburgh, Scotland, given to me by a friend who had traveled there just before Christmas. The February page has a photo of Forth Road Bridge, taken just after sunset, the bridge (which reminds me very much of the Newport Bridge that I travel every day) in silhouette, arcing off into a lavender haze (dare I say a "purple haze"? *grin*). My other calendar, with pages about a foot wide, is the one I sometimes write on to show the schedule of classes, etc. It features pictures of sports cars and February is a bright yellow 1996 Porsche Twin Turbo.

Like many calendars, it is not satisfied with merely marking holidays (like Lincoln's birthday and St. Valentine's Day are coming up next week) and phases of the moon (yesterday was a full moon), but also has some historical factoid. Yesterday, for example, notes that on that date in 1587, Mary, Queen of Scots, was beheaded. (Gee, I guess that ties in with my other calendar.) Today's snippet of history: "1964 - First appearance of the Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show (73.7 million viewers)".

I saw that broadcast. I was in my junior year in college. I was twenty years old -- actually, about two and a half months away from my twenty-first birthday. That broadcast was thirty-seven years ago. (Now I know I have some readers who are of my generation... and one who is older.. but how many of you others were even born then? Or, should I ask, had your parents even been introduced to each other then?)

The rock history info in the left column comes from The Oldies Music Calendar. I must admit that some weeks I forget to check it out (or just get too busy) but it is filled with interesting bits of rock history trivia.

Did you know that on this date:
  • England took New York (New Amsterdam) away from Holland
  • John Quincy Adams was elected president in 1825 by House of Representatives when no candidate received a majority in the Electoral College. Hmmmmm.
  • 1861 Jefferson Davis was elected president of the Confederacy (Alexander Stephens was his vice president)
  • 1895 Volleyball was invented
Those tidbits came from Dates in History - select a date and it will give you a long list of events that took place on that date.

Hmmm, today's entry is practically turning into a BLOG.... oh well... I just started by looking at my calendar and seeing the note about today being the anniversary of the Beatle's first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show and just kept going from there. Well, while I'm at it, let me point you to some other interesting date-related sites... is a site dedicated to radio stations, radio broadcasting, broadcast history, etc. They have an area on their site called Those Were the Days where you can locate lots of interesting facts about the current date. For instance, did you know that Congress established the U.S. Weather Bureau on this date in 1870? Or that on this date in 1895 the first intercollegiate basketball game featured Minnesota State School of Agriculture vs. Hamline College (Minnesota won with a score of nine to three!)

Last year my office calendar was "Inventions of the 20th Century" and each month featured a photograph of a notable invention (January was the Wright brothers' first flight; February showed a 1913 assembly line producing Model T Fords; March showed a family watching television in 1956, etc.)

Calendars are cool.
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