Chocolat -- 02/25/01
b Nancy and I went to see Chocolat last night... Capsule review: a lovely movie, warm and amusing and entertaining. We both enjoyed ourselves. The cast was quite good, from the leads to the bit parts. Whoever cast the various villagers did a first rate job, their faces were perfect and you could really believe you were viewing a small French village (the story is set in 1959, although it is really timeless and very few details would have to be changed to move the setting back a generation or two or three or...) This is not the French movie that was out a few years ago, this is an English language remake, no subtitles, they are speaking English with a bit of a French flavor. (Well... most of them... I'm not quite sure what kind of accent Depp was supposed to have... I thought at times that perhaps his character might be from England or perhaps Ireland, but his name was Roux, so I guess he was French.) But it was a delightful film (I'm tempted to say delicious but I'll try to resist *grin*) and Leslie Caron was marvelous (although those of us who remember her from films such as American in Paris or Gigi in the 50's and 60's may be given pause to see her cast as an elderly woman).

This is a rainy Sunday... actually, it began as snow and I was out around eight this morning clearing the driveway and sidewalks, but it was barely half an inch of snow and later it changed to a very light rain. Temperatures were around 40 to 42 when I went grocery shopping in the afternoon, but it was wet and windy and felt cold and raw... There are days when the temperature is 25 or 30 and I would not have the heat in the car but today I had the heat on and the fan blowing, I just felt so cold.

I'm getting tired of wet and cold, some mild sunshine would be nice. Actually, I think the forecast calls for some low 40's with sunshine this week, which is good enough for me a this time of year.

I'm teaching a class Monday through Friday and I would like to spend a little bit of time reviewing my Monday lectures -- yeah, I had wanted to do that this weekend and I did but not nearly as much as I had hoped to -- so I think I'll post this and finish cleaning up the kitchen and make some lunches and -- heck, it's already past nine o'clock and it'll be ten or later by the time I finish the kitchen, so maybe I'll just go to bed after that.... my alarm clock is set for 5:40 a.m. and that is painfully early...

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