Nineteen years ago -- 05/10/01

Our daughter was born nineteen years ago. I described her birth in my entry one year ago so I won't repeat myself now. Tonight will just be a quiet family gathering to sing "Happy Birthday" and give her some birthday gifts and eat some cake. I've got to make sure I leave work early enough to pick up what I need to make chicken pot pie for dinner (per her request). On Saturday, starting at mid-afternoon, she has invited a bunch of her friends over to help her celebrate. My part in that will be to provide some chip and dip munchies, lots of softdrinks, and order a lot of pizza.

Yesterday afternoon I happened to look down as I was climbing a flight of stairs at work and I realized that I was wearing two different shoes -- the right shoe from one pair and the left shoe from another. Okay, so they were both Asics Gel running shoes and they felt the same on my feet, but they did not look the same. I must have really been drowzy when I got dressed.

I'm feeling even sleepier today. I've got a tooth that has been causing me some "discomfort" (as they say in dental offices), not steady pain (fortunately) but when it does hurt it really hurts! I called my dentist this morning at a lucky moment -- they had just received a cancellation for tomorrow morning at 9:30. I'm hoping I don't need another root canal job, but.... ah well... whatever will be, will be.

This is something of a short entry, but at least it is an entry... I put a bit of time into rewriting my page of favorite journals, but it's not quite finished yet. There are a couple of journals I read where I think perhaps the journalers do not want their journal to be known to a wider audience...

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