Things that break -- 06/04/01
Earlier in the spring there were complaints about below average rainfall but I swear May had to have had more rain than usual. (At times it almost felt as if we were back in Binghamton.) This weekend was mostly a wash-out -- rain all day Saturday, sometimes just drizzle, but sometimes fairly heavy -- Sunday morning was rainy, but the afternoon ended up being sunny and pleasant.

Friday night my daughter couldn't start her car, had to jump it. Later she phoned from a parking lot... she and her friends had gone shopping and her car wouldn't start. I drove there and we jump-started her car. When she got home I suggested that she just leave her car running while she got ready for work; that way her battery would charge back up. About seven a.m. Saturday she called from work (she's working third shift in a supermarket) to say her car wouldn't start. When I got there we hooked up the jumper cables but it wouldn't start. (We didn't try for too long; it was pouring rain.) She was too tired to want to bother waiting for AAA, just wanted to go home and sleep, so we left her car there until Sunday afternoon. It still wouldn't start so we phoned triple-A and waited and waited... her boyfriend showed up to hang out with her so after an hour or so I went home (put dinner in the oven and went out for a slow three mile run). Eventually they came back to report that AAA was able to start her car but that the trouble seemed to be in the connection with the positive node on her battery and that she needs to get that connector replaced. After dinner I mowed most of the front lawn, stopping when it began to get too dark.

Aren't you just in awe of what an exciting thrill-packed life I have?

While I was mowing the lawn Nancy took some clothes to a coin-op laundry to dry them. Our dryer is out of action and the required part is on order, should be available around mid-week. Naturally, a rainy weekend doesn't help, can't hang clothes outside to dry. (This morning I threw in a load of towels to wash and then hung them outside before going to work.) At least our bathroom is fully functional again -- we had a slow leak in the water line leading to the toilet tank, but I had a plumber come by on Friday morning and to fix it (worked from home on Friday so I could be there).

I had a tooth break last week... I have some very old fillings (hey, it's an old mouth!) and from time to time they crumble... this was either a very old filling crumbling away or it was the temporary filling where I had root canal work done late last year (for which I have an appointment later this month to have replaced with a permanent filling)... I'm not sure which... but there is a massive canyon open in that tooth now... I was able to get an appointment squeezed in this morning at 9:30. Well, I thought that was what it was... but when I showed up I was told it had been a 9:00 appointment and that the dentist was now quite busy and would not have any time but there was a possible cancellation tomorrow morning and they will call me to let me know. Damn! And I had just been sitting around at home killing time before my appointment...

Cars, dryers, teeth... things that break.

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