Twenty-two Years -- 06/23/01
Sun ran 2 miles
Mon ran 3.5 miles
Tues 1 mile + weights
Wed ran 3.5 miles
Thr 1 mile + weights
Fri 1 mile + weights
Sat ran 4 miles
date weight change
06/17 203 --
06/23 201 -2
Nancy and I have been married twenty-two years.

Or twenty-two years and one week.

As I have explained elsewhere in these pages (just don't ask me where) we took care of legal obligations by getting married in judge's chambers on June 16th and then the following Saturday we held our own ceremony, one we had put together ourselves, assisted by friends (a best man and maid of honor to help us with various readings, plus a brother-in-law playing guitar and a friend of Nancy's playing recorder) in her parents' backyard with dozens of friends and relatives in attendance. We had a band, with dancing on the patio. Friends and family, music, dancing, good food and drink. When it was time for us to leave we were really reluctant to leave such a great party, but there was a British Airways 747 waiting at JFK to take us off to London.

My son Adam was ten years old at that time (or, as he would have put it, almost eleven). Now his wedding is coming up in just five weeks!

This is a quiet day around here, no special plans for an anniversary celebration... but at least we didn't forget about it this year. One year, probably mid-80's, I was working in our backyard, mowing the lawn, etc. when Nancy came out to say her mother had just phoned to wish us a happy anniversary much to Nancy's surprise -- and mine too -- because we had both forgotten the date! We've remembered the date this year, but have just exchanged greeting cards. Maybe in three years we'll have a party to celebrate the quarter-century mark.

I'm writing this a bit past five in the afternoon. Jennifer is just waking up... she's working third shift in a supermarket. Nancy's working with her flowers in the backyard. Earlier I had helped her with some measurements of the house, various garden areas, etc. so she can model the yard with some landscape design software I'd given her for her birthday. Sean is at an all-day boy scout leadership training program... I've got to go pick him up in a little while at a friend's house, then take him and his buddy up to a multiplex in Warwick to see Evolution. (I hope it's not as bad as the reviews have said.) There are some movies playing locally that I'd like to see -- especially Moulin Rouge -- maybe Nancy and I will go to see that some evening soon. Now that the school year is over her evenings do not have to be spent grading homework and tests and making lesson plans.

You have probably noticed workout and weight statistics in the left margin... doing that a year ago seemed to help me concentrate my efforts, so I thought I would try it again. The workout entries that say "1 mile + weights" were run on the treadmill in the basement, followed by working out with handweights and on weight bench (leg lifts). The other miles were run outside, except for last Sunday's two miles... that was one mile on treadmill and one mile on street.

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